100 Info Product Ideas Series – 5: Create A Membership Site

Create A Membership Site

Create A Membership Site

100 Info Product Ideas Series – 5: Create A Membership Site

 Among the many ideas for 100 Info Product Ideas in this series the next is the 100 Info Product Ideas Series – 5: Create A Membership Site.

Membership sites can be immensely lucrative to making money online. 

You can create a self-sustaining income virtually and completely online. 

A membership site can be for virtually any niche or training.

I personally love the WishList Member plugin for creating memberships. Yes – I’ve worked for WishList Products since 2010, but I’d love it anyway even if I didn’t. 🙂 LOL! 

What exactly is WishList Member?

“WishList Member is a WordPress plugin so WordPress.org is required in order to use WishList Member.

A copy of WordPress can be downloaded on their site:


WishList Member protects WordPress Categories, Files/Attachments, Comments, Posts and Pages and then you are able to allow Membership Levels access to those Categories, Files/Attachments, Comments, Pages and Posts.

It creates the framework for a content based membership.

A Member registers for a Membership Level and that is how that Member accesses protected content – through the Membership Level they are a part of.

WishList Member can protect content within a WordPress site (including access to downloading of files and folders that are uploaded in the WordPress database).

The ideas for a membership site are virtually limitless.

Here are just a few:

  • Photography Course
  • How to Write Well
  • About Your Direct Sales Business
  • Short Stories you Write
  • Daily or Weekly Business Tips

These memberships can be either free memberships or paid. 

I create Free memberships on different things regarding Young Living as a marketing venue.

It gets the word out, trains individual about my products, and initiates interest in having a business for themselves. 

What kind of Membership would YOU like to create? 🙂 


Hope this has helped you!

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