24 Thanksgiving Infographics To Help You Out


Infographic Charts with ALL you need to know for Thanksgiving. 

24 Thanksgiving Infographics To Help You Out.

I’ve even included a couple with some very interesting Thanksgiving facts. So read. Enjoy. And you may even want to share with your friends.

Happy Thanksgiving Eveyone!!

1. Thanksgiving Shopping Guide. Especially helpful if you are having guests bring things. 

Jenny Chang - Buzzfeed.com

Jenny Chang – Buzzfeed.com

 Although, I really don’t think I’d ask every person to bring a bottle of wine or even have one bottle per person. Personally that seems like overkill to me and that’s how folks get the ‘drunk uncles’ at get-together’s. 🙂 

2.  If you have a Frozen bird… You’ll want to give yourself enough Defrost time.


Jenny Chang - Buzzfeed.com

Jenny Chang – Buzzfeed.com

A lot of people defrost in the Fridge. I personally defrost the first day out of the fridge or I allow a LOT longer time for defrosting. Remember, that Turkey is frozen solid. 

3. The Best Cooking Times for That Turkey.

Don’t count on the plastic temp popups to be accurate. You don’t want to take a chance of totally drying your turkey out. It’s easier to continue cooking than to get a ‘dry’ out of the meat.

4. In Those Times You Wanna Brine.

You can read a lot more about the Brining 101 over at Real Simple

5. Make sure to allow the Turkey to rest. And I mean the bird. Then Get To Carving.

You’ll want to use a nice sharp Knife for carving. For more information check out Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

6. Do You Do Stuffing? 

Jenny Chang - Buzzfeed.com

Jenny Chang – Buzzfeed.com

I personally have never made stuffing with eggs? How about you? Do you like it? You can find more Traditional and not so traditional Stuffing recipes at All Recipes

7. Amazing Variations On The Deviled Egg

I have to admit…I’m usually the one that just makes those plain – oh so the same – deviled eggs. These variations sound so YUMMY. She Knows her deviled eggs.

8. Lumpy Mashed Potatoes or Creamy and Smooth Mashed Potatoes? That Is The Question…

I love a little lump in my Mashed Potatoes. My husband loves them smooth. So what’s a gal to do? They come out the way they come out. You get what you get and ya don’t throw a fit. 🙂 

9.  Tools For Your Potatoes.

10. So Which Pie Do You Like? Which Is Your Favorite?



11. Make Your OWN Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice. 


12. How To Make The Best Pie Crust.

Jenny Chang - Buzzfeed.com

Jenny Chang – Buzzfeed.com

This combination of the Lard and cold water is what makes your crust flaky and oh so perfect. Click here for wonderful Pie Recipes at the Food Network.

13. Make That Pumpkin Pie and Toss The Can!


I’m finally making our Pumpkin Pies with fresh, home-grown pumpkins instead of canned puree. They taste so much fresher and yummier! 

14. Getting That PERFECT Lattice for Those Fruit Pies!

What a great way of getting that lattice Perfect. I have got to do this for my Blackberry Pie! 

15. Or Leave The Open and Decorate the Edges.

I’ve never tried the braid method. Have you? I may need to try it. It does look pretty.

16. Do You Ever Wonder Which Wine To Pair With What?? 

I hardly even drink, but when I do it’s usually a dark wine. It’s really interesting to see what different wines go with what. This is a pretty handy little chart for your festivities.

17. Ten Different Ways to Drink Hot Mulled Drinks on Chilly Nights.

As I mentioned before, I don’t drink much – but I sure would like to try these. They sound good. Although, I’d need to lower the recipe amounts to just make a glass or two at a time. Maybe I could use those little mini-bottles instead of a full bottle or two of wines? LoL! 🙂

18. Do You Have a Diabetic Friends or Family? If So, This May Be Helpful.

19. What Pie Do You Prefer?

My absolutely favorite pies are Chocolate Cream, Blackberry, and Pumpkin. I also love Coconut Cream and Pecan and Banana Cream and Apple Pies. Okay. Okay. I love PIE!! What are your favorite?

20. Here’s A Great Apple Guide For You.

21. Fun Thanksgiving Trends – Part 1

22. Fun Thanksgiving Trends – Part 2

23. Fun Thanksgiving Facts on That Meal.

24. Fun Bingo Game For The Family

Enjoy this game and I hope you’ve enjoyed this compilation of fantastic Infographics for a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Please sure to visit them and get even more information. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Hope this has helped you!

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