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Hello There…

I’m Bobbi Raffin and I’m the owner of this site and business. Thank you so much for stopping by. I really do appreciate it. 🙂 I live in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon.

I live with my husband, two kiddos and our critters, which consists of two quirky pups, a bearded dragon, a crazy black cat we found in a blackberry bush when she was about 3 months old. Her name is … wait for it … Blackberry.  AND about 18 Koi fish-kids.

I was raised on a mountain and am enjoying my Essential Oil journey. Loving both the benefits and the business side of it. My Young Living site is at: YLdist.com/BobbiRaffin

I am an online fanatic. I love all things ‘internet’. I have both an online business and an online ministry. I don’t keep it to just online, but for the most part that’s where I’m at.

I have a full-time ‘day’ job as Tech Support  for WishList Products and for four years I wrote training articles for the WL Insider membership site. I have been with them since February of 2010.

If you didn’t already know WishList Products created a membership site plugin for WordPress.org. I love working for them a TON! Great people and great products.

I have worked for myself since 1999. I started at a true newbie status. I had never even been on the internet before! Can you believe that?? lol It’s true. I began by creating a website, a shopping cart, and I obtained a few contracts with wholesalers and some dropshippers.

I sold leather bags, boots, and jackets. I also sold Disney and Coca Cola novelty items. I loved it. I did this for four years. I also ran a Daycare (Red Balloon) from my home for four years.

It’s been fun and I’ve learned quite a lot over the years.


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Social Media Tip: Always remember your social media manners. Don’t leave anyone hanging. It’s hard work trying to build a platform. 



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