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My Story & Hello There…

I’m Bobbi Raffin and Thank you so much for stopping by. I really do appreciate it. 🙂 

My home-life consists of Jesus, my husband, two kiddos, two out-of-the-home step-kiddos, and our critters, which consists of three quirky pups (they’ll always be pups to me), a bearded dragon, a crazy black cat we found in a blackberry bush when she was about 3 months old. Her name is … wait for it … Blackberry.  AND about 24 Koi fish-kids.

My Story…

I was raised on the side of a mountain in Grants Pass, Oregon with my Grandparents. We had a farm and I so loved it. We rented the property and took care of the animals the owner had. 

So I was raised around a lot of cows, a few bulls and many horses. Plus our own farm animals. We had pigs, chickens, guineas, a couple of cows, and always a kitty and puppy – or two or more. 🙂 

My Grandpa would put in a huge garden every year also. He was also known for his Flaky Country FUDGE. Oh… How I miss him and his homemade fudge. I was always the tester. I took my job very seriously. 

My Grandma could create about any dish, knew the best old-time home remedies, and picked mushrooms every year with my Great Grandma and me.

We hemmed what was torn instead of buying new. We made our own butter and I drank milk right from the cow. Most of the time I ran around barefoot and cried when I was forced to wear a dress.

My Grandparents had taken me to a doctor only twice growing up. It was ‘normal’ for me to have headaches and stomach issues… Or so I thought it was normal.  

This was my Moon Mountain Era… Lots of stories to tell.


As A Teen…

I then lived with my Mom. This was a trying time. She was at first married to an abusive man and then became a Single Mom.

When I was 17, in 1983, I flew to Japan by myself. I had won a modeling contract that was held in Oregon and Washington. Only one was chosen in Oregon and one was chosen in Washington. I was the Oregon gal and Paula (still miss her) was chosen for Washington.  We actually ended up having to escape Japan. Long story there. 

A short-story should be written about this adventure someday…Maybe I’ll do that. 


I began my online working conquest in 1999. My doctor said I needed bed-rest for my first baby so I quit my job. It was still important that I contribute to the income though. I had never been online yet. Back then most businesses still did not have internet access or provide staff with online access. 

I didn’t have it at home either. I had grown up pretty poor and still lived with that poverty mentality. Let me tell you right now – God doesn’t want us in lack, but we need to do our part.


Now jumping to the present…

I have many stories of struggles and of triumph, but this I will leave for my blog posts.

I am enjoying my Essential Oil journey. Loving both the benefits and the business side of it all.

My Young Living site is at: YLdist.com/BobbiRaffin if ya want to take a gander! 

I am an online fanatic and love all things ‘internet’. Having both an online business and an online ministry, for the most part that’s where I’m at – online.

I have a full-time ‘day’ job as Tech Support  for WishList Products. It’s such a huge blessing that I get to work from home. Four years I wrote training articles for the WL Insider membership site. I have been with them since February of 2010.

If you didn’t already know WishList Products created a membership site plugin for WordPress.org. I love working for them a TON! Great people and great products.

Even though it’s a great company…I still strive to set my own hours and to be financially independent. 

I Sure Didn’t Party in 1999 like it was 1999!

I have worked for myself since 1999 and began at a true newbie status. I had never even been on the internet before! Can you believe that?? lol It’s true.

I began by learning HTML, creating a website with FrontPage, adding a shopping cart, and I obtained a few contracts with wholesalers and some drop-shippers.

I sold leather bags, boots, and jackets, Disney and Coca Cola novelty items, which I did for four years. After that I ran a Daycare (Red Balloon) from my home for another four years.

I’ve worked in different multi-level marketing and direct sales companies in the last 15 years. I’ve been with Melaleuca. This is where I was introduced to Tea Tree Oil. Could NOT ingest it though. And Really – that was about the only product I liked with them. 

I was with Avon and Mary Kay… Didn’t fancy Mary Kay whatsoever. Avon was a no money-maker. I love the Odessey perfume, but gave it up due to the constant throat irritation. 

I was then with Jerky Direct. Now I loved this little business at first. It’s important to me to have tangible products that I believe in and a good income source with residual income. THEN the jerky started coming to our door moldy. I gave it a few months. Constant moldy jerky was enough for me. (* I think they fixed the issue. Don’t hold it against them. Things happen. 🙂 )

That’s just me. I need something I can believe in.

In 2012 I began a very purposeful search for Peppermint oil. Something I could ingest. I tried this and I tried that. Something from Amazon. Something from our local health food store, something from our local grocery store. Nothing was any good. I was feeling pretty defeated.

Then I found two companies that produced ingestible essential oils. An acquaintance friend was with one of the companies. I had a bad feeling about it, but I joined under her. I stayed with them for a year. Six months in I started praying about leaving. I felt so bad. I didn’t want to leave, but the business practices and the products just were not working for me at all. 

So – after six months of praying I left. I left my commissions and my down-line. I started completely over with Young Living. It has been so worth it! The essential oils and the supplements are potent. My body shows me they are working in my system. 

I feel better now than I have in about seven years. I am still working on slimming down, but at least now I have the energy and body strength to get MOVING and EXERCISING. Plus, now I have the options to support my system and get rid of those sugar WANTS.

It is AWESOME!! 

I’ve learned quite a lot over the years. I look forward in sharing what I’ve learned with you. 

YOU too can live ABOVE the Wellness line and Move towards FREEDOM in your Life! 


Hope this has helped you! And if it has, please share with your audience, teams and friends if you feel it would benefit them.  🙂 

Comment below if you’re ready to get vulnerable. I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. 

Have a Beautiful Day…

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