Can You Grow Your Business NOW Even If You’re New?

Can You Grow Your Business NOW Even If You're New

What do I do if I’m brand new to this industry? Or what if I’ve been spamming for a while?

Will I still be able to grow my business?

Yes – the answer is yes.

I’ve got some tips for you that will ROCK your business!

You just need to begin to build value.

You need to provide value for people.

You never have to lie about your status or level in your company. You don’t have to pretend that you know anything! Seriously don’t.

Now what you can do is share. I’m not talking about sharing a whole lot of other people’s content onto your profile wall. Sharing is fine, but not when that’s all you do.

You can say something like, “Hey, I just learned this great marketing tip and I thought I would share it with you. Maybe it will help you as much as it did me.”

Then write up a post, a blog post, and do a LIVE video about it.

That’s immediately providing value.

Facebook ads and a Facebook page is wonderful and I love having it at my disposal. But if you’re not there yet that’s okay!

There are things you can be doing on your Facebook profile that will help you grow your audience and interest a ton.

One – be consistent.

Do something every single day for your business. This will build your momentum and keep it going.

Now sometimes life will happen. Like for the last three or so weeks I’ve been dealing with getting my kiddos scheduled for classes and sports, and then I’ve had headaches and migraines because of all the thick smoke in our area from the fires here in Oregon. I wasn’t planning on that and frankly all I could do was barely do my job.

I just had no brain capacity for anything else.

We got some rain yesterday which cleaned the air out and I woke feeling alive again!

So sometimes that will happen and it’s okay… Just be prepared for the momentum to slow back down. I already knew that would happen.

The cool thing is that it doesn’t take much for it to pick right back up again.

Two – When you get results Market the wazoo out them!

Post about your results. Do a curiosity post about it. Want to know more about these ‘Curiosity’ posts I talk about? If you do, you may want to join me in the 10-day boot camp I’m putting together. Yep – it’s going to be 10 bucks for INTENSE training for 10 days. Get your business started the right way.

Just send me a message and let me know you want to learn more about that.

So, when you start generating leads post about that. You are now getting RESULTS! Let people know. 

Your results will begin to build upon themselves and help you generate more leads and more results to market and talk about.

There are daily things you can do to increase your audience reach and gaining leads and growing your business like you want to do so you’re not crying every night or pulling your hair out.

It takes work, but it’s smart work. Keep things simple and consistent.

So, if you open to growing your business with my 10-day boot camp let me know. I’m running it for a total of 30 days so people get that consistency and build a good habit of working your business in a smart way.

But I’m offering the 10 days to try it out and just see what you think.

It just shortens your learning curve. There is absolutely no sense banging your head against the wall and trying to figure out everything on your own.

You don’t need to do that.

Just follow a plan and keep it simple.


So It’s 10-Days for 10-Bucks! 

That’s not bad…at all! Who wouldn’t do that. 

I’ve paid hundreds for this training.

If you’re open to learning more about the 10-Day Biz Building Bootcamp



Hope this has helped you!

If it has, please Share this & Comment below.  🙂 

I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. 

Have a Beautiful Day…
~ Bobbi






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