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UPDATE: Live FB Classes are not being scheduled at this time.

Register Here for the Free Membership Class instead. 


Join the Free Facebook LIVE Event Classes TODAY!

I try to do all my Facebook LIVE Online Classes on Thursdays. I’ve found it’s a lot easier to keep to a schedule.

If you don’t see a class for the upcoming Thursday you can either check with me or check my Events through my Facebook page at BobbiRaffinBiz <—–

I’m always in search of new people to Host a Class with me!!

I do all the work and you get a Free Gift… Pretty Cool, right?!! 🙂   

Apply Here!

It’s a GREAT way to try the products for Free… 

Current and Upcoming Classes:

March 16th @ 11:45 am PST – LIVE Video Class
Toxic-Free Living & Thieves 101

March 23rd @ 11:45 am PST – LIVE Video Class
The Hair & Body Oil Class

March 30th @ 11:45 am PST – LIVE Video Class
All About Peppermint Class

All Classes are located HERE at Fb.com/BobbiRaffinBiz – Events

I hold these classes to Educate people about the benefit potential of using Essential Oils for ourselves, our kiddos, families & friends, and even for our awesome critters.

The Reason I educate? First-hand experience…AND I’m never going back!

The Facebook LIVE Online video class is started as close to 11:45 am as possible. If you cannot make the LIVE video time – that’s okay. I’ll leave it up throughout the day.

Be sure to go to the event beforehand and Click ‘Going’. 

Once the training ‘day’ is over I’ll take the Facebook Event down. 

If you weren’t able to make it or you know that will not work in your schedule – Go Here.

Register  for the Free Membership Class instead. 




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