Free Summer Fun eBook! It Won’t Last!

Summer is here!! 

Oregon waited a LONG time for Summer. Our spring didn’t start until the beginning of JUNE this year. So really we missed spring and went from winter to summer.

I forgive the weather. Finally. I was having a hard time with that though. It was rough. Really. Truly. Rough.

It rained and rained. Hardly ceasing and when it did there was no sun. Only clouds came out to say hi.

Now. Oh Now. Summer is Here! Can I get a witness??!! 

In CELEBRATION of this awesomeness I created an eBook just for YOU! That’s right.

We, my friend, are celebrating SUMMER.  Hurry though.

I’m offer this for the Summer Months ONLY! After that it’s GONE!


Free Summer Fun eBook


  • Welcome
  • Summer-Themed Ideas, Recipes, and Products
  • A Natural Insect Get-Away Recipe
  • Cooling Mist for Those Hot Summer Outings – Your sun-kissed skin will thank you…
  • Who loves Peppermint? I do! I do!
  • Mineral Sunscreen Lotion! Are you kidding me? No Joke. This stuff is the bomb-diggity!
  • If you’ve been in the sun your must have is an After-Sun Spray. You want lucious skin? Well, here you go. You’re welcome.
  • Wanna go fishing, but not into the stink? No problem. I got ya covered with this handy-dandy solution.
  • After being out in the sun all day… Can I just share my most FAVE Margarita recipe with you? Ohhh My!
  • Flip-Flop Season – Step 1
  • Flip-Flop Season – Step 2
  • Flip-Flop Season – Step 3
  • Oh We’ve got a Road Trip coming up. What to do?
  • That dreaded Pit-Stop. Be prepared. Just Sayin’.
  • Okay – Who Likes to Grill? I know I like to EAT it! How about my Top Two Marinades!! Oh Yes!
  • Cant Get Away? That’s Okay… Bring-The-Cation to YOU!
  • I love me some Lemonade. Sharing my YUMMY Strawberry Lemonade recipe with you.
  • A bit about me and Walla! 

Not a big ol’ drawn out book. Pretty images. Bright colors. And…Fun To Be Had.

What say you? You want in? 

ALL you need to do in Let Me Know & I’ll Send It Right Out!!



Hope this has helped you!

If it has, please Share this & Comment below.  🙂 

I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. 

Have a Beautiful Day…
~ Bobbi

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