Grow That Contact List For Your Biz!

We all start somewhere in our business…

At the Beginning! 

We ALL want to grow our business.

Whether you are in direct sales for a company or create your products – You Need To Market your products and business.

Years ago marketing was more about hard sales and network marketing.

It is now, more than ever, about RELATIONSHIP!

You Do NOT Build Up a Business!

You Build Up People … And Those People Will Build Your Business.

Even so – Don’t discount creating a ‘Contact List’ – even in Relationship Building.

‘No’s’ are okay. You may get a ‘maybe’. There may even be that ‘YES’!

You have to go through the no’s and maybe’s to get to the Yes’s.

Build Your List.1


Here’s What You Need To Do:

  • Write out a list of Friends, Acquaintances, and Co-workers
  • Write out a list of Facebook friends
  • Separate these people by ‘Local’ and ‘Online’
  • Read:  ‘How to Make The Impossible POSSIBLE’
  • Start your contact with these people by saying hi…
    • Rekindle your friendship
    • Ask how they’ve been doing
    • Ask what they have done or about their job (employment) in a real meaningful conversation
    • ** They most likely will ask you in return. If they don’t, this will still be an easy share for you at this point in the conversation

One of the most important steps in growing a contact list is to grow relationships.

You can do this many ways:

  • This can be done by calling a friend and asking how they are doing.
  • Invite someone out for coffee.
  • Continuously add informative content on your blog. 

When it comes from the business standpoint you must give your readers relevant content and information.

If you provide what they need they will be back and they will become loyal to you and what you offer.

Once you have that loyalty and trust in a person when you talk about an offer you have or that you are looking for people to join your team – they will remember

Now the timing isn’t always perfect so be patient. Be very consistent with your posts, articles, and (if you offering it) training. If a person isn’t ready to join your team right now, it doesn’t mean that they will never be.

People save links and pages in their Bookmarks. They do return… 🙂  

If you do parties for your direct sales company – Remember to – GET Names for your Contact List. Parties and get-togethers are a wonderful way to add and continue growing your contact list. 

This should be an Ongoing Process for you. Never stop.

This IS THE Key to Your Business!