Have You Ever Wondered What To Do Next?

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Have You Ever Wondered What To Do Next?

It’s like a constant wind from a storm that may or may not hit…

My days consist of waking up at 5 am. Have You Ever Wondered What To Do Next? With your day? With your life? My husbands pretty cool. He brings me coffee every morning to wake me up. I love that. 

After I wake up I then read the Bible and pray. If I have a rushed day, which happens more than I’d like, I listen to the Scriptures on my phone app. 

It’s pretty awesome actually. That way I get the Bible in my Spirit every single day – no matter how busy I am.

 I go through the Life Journal Reading Plan. I love the Bible.com app for it. 

I also love the Blue Letter Bible app (BLB), but I don’t really like the versions that are in audio for it. 

My favorite Bible Versions are The Amplified, The Message, and The Voice.

Today’s readings are Numbers 12, Numbers 13, Psalms 90, and Mark 2.

My favorite passage for today would have to be Psalms 90 – A Prayer of Moses, the man of God… 

Days can be so rushed and busy in this day and age. 

Are you busy? Do you have time to just sit and think? 

We ALL need that kind of time. 

My husband loves the TV on. As soon as he awakes in the morning he turns on the TV while he stretches. 

Me …. I like times of quiet. Where I can just sit with some coffee or tea and listen to the birds or talk to God about life or my day or my family. Ya – I can do that in my head. It doesn’t always have to be out loud. 🙂 

This morning before I start work, which will be at 7 am, I ponder my life – in general. 

I used to want to make millions and have tons of things. 

Now… Not so much. 

My focus is on my relationship with Jesus and The Holy Spirit, my husband, and helping my kids get through the teenage years. 

The teen years have been a rough one for us. Each and every one of us. 

THIS is The BEST Calling of ALL. My Family!

I understand that now. It’s not about me. My growth happens when I realize it’s about THEM! My love for them. My heart FOR them.

Have You Ever Wondered What To Do Next? 

I do. Every single day. 

Then I ask God.

For the most part – it’s the same answer:

“Love your family. Learn more about My Character and Truth. Show mercy and grace to all. Be kinder than you feel you should have to be. Sit down your pride. PRAY for them… Talk to Me throughout your day. Everything else will fall into place as it should in the time it is called to be in place. Bring everything on your heart to Me.”

Then I usually tear up a bit and tell God my Father and Creator, Jesus my Savior and Friend, and The Holy Spirit my Wise Counselor and the One who gives me the Warm & Fuzzies – How very much I adore Him!! 

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