Homemade Holiday Scented Pine Cones

 Holiday Scented Pine Cones

DIY Scented Pine Cones

If you are like me, and love those Homemade Scented Pine Cones, You will LOVE this!!


Homemade Holiday Scented Pine Cones

Just in Time for the Holidays… 

Trust me! I do this almost every fall and the scent is FANTASTIC. I love making my very own homemade holiday (or any day really) scented pine cones. 
You can make your very own Homemade (DIY) Holiday Scented Pine Cones. You can have these with any scent you love for your traditional holiday or the season of the year. 

I like to use just Cinnamon essential oil for half my pine cone batch. Then I do another batch with a Blend of Clove essential oil, Nutmeg essential oil, and Cinnamon essential oil.

Whatever you like though.
Go out and gather some pine cones, make sure they’re clean.


* Make sure they are clean. (Optional: You can dunk the Pine Cones in a bucket of water and drain.)
* Lay them on a foil lined baking sheet.
* Bake at 200º F in oven for about 30 minutes. (This cleans out all the little critters from making your house home.)
* Wait for them to cool and transfer to gallon zip-top bag.
* Add about 30 drops of your favorite essential oils.
* Shake in well in the bag – making sure the oil is spread out throughout pine cones.
* Leave bag sealed for 1-2 weeks.
The longer you wait, the stronger the smell. Place out just in time for your holiday celebrations.
You can place these pine cones in a pretty bowl or one here and there throughout your home. The more bundled together the stronger the scent will be. 
You can also put them in a pretty bag and hand them out to your guests. They’ll love them.
* Originally shared by Young Living’s Facebook page.

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