Host an Essential Oils Class Local or Online

If You HOST an Essential Oils Class with me – either Local or Online – You will get an AWESOME Gift! 

Do you like FREE stuff? 

Silly question right? 🙂

If you HOST an Essential Oils class with me I’ll give or send you a free gift from Young Living as a Thank You.

Just for hosting and inviting your Friends to a Free LOCAL or ONLINE class. 

That’s pretty COOL isn’t it?

It’s a wonderful way to learn about the oils, have a great time with your friends, and get an item to try for yourself.

You don’t have to leave your home. You don’t even have to get your home cleaned up for hosting for the Online class!! Awesome Sauce right there for us BUSY Moms! 

Can I get an ‘Ohh Yes’…! 🙂 

All you need to do is fill out the form below and when it’s all set up agree to invite at least 50 of your friends to it. Now, that doesn’t mean they’ll all show up, but a few will and Fun Will Be Had. 

And if any of your friends Host a Class they can get a FREE gift also!! 

Available Classes:

Essential Oils 101 – This is a class that covers what oils are, how we get the oil from the plant, and how good they are for us. This covers quite a lot of information. Pretty much all you’ll need to know about essential oils and why I love Young Living. 
Love Is In The Air – Only done in February. This includes Valentine’s Day history & fun facts along with recipes and romantic oils and helpful supplements.
Toxic Free Living & Thieves – This is about getting rid of harmful toxins from our homes. I also give ideas on how to do this and include recipes.
All About Peppermint – This class has great information about Peppermint Essential Oil and its various uses. It’s a fairy short & fun class. Recipes are included.
The Hair & Body Oil 101 – This class covers the oils that are fantastic to add to hair cream and to body oils. There are recipes included. 
More will be added…

*** Please only sign up if you are NOT already with an essential oil company.

*** Local is My local – so it would be in Linn and Lane Counties of Oregon.

Otherwise, you can Host an Online Class and still have fun and get a freebie! 🙂 

Once you fill out the form I will contact you shortly (within a couple days) to give you the details and to start setting it up for you. 

Let’s Do This!! 



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