How Would You Like Guest Bloggers For Your Blog Content? It’s Easy!

Get guest bloggers to write for you

Has your blog picked up momentum and your traffic increased? The time might be right to invite guest bloggers to post on your blog.

Even if your blog is still fairly new it is still a good idea. There’s no time like the present to get things moving along.

 Actually, you’re on the right track wanting guest posters.  They can give you quality content, add a different perspective, showcase their expertise where perhaps you don’t feel you have enough, and talk about relevant subject matter that bores you.

In addition, they can bring their own readership along with them which means a whole new world has now discovered your wonderful blog!  And perhaps one of the most compelling reasons – it frees up your time to spend strategizing about your business or creating new streams of revenue.

 That sounds good, right?!! Right!

 What Should You Look For In a Guest Blogger?

There are some requirements for guest bloggers that are obvious.  Your guest bloggers must be able to write a quality article that shares useful information and not a lot of fluff.

 The post should also be relevant, engaging, and invite comments.

 It’s a good idea to write up your own requirements and post them on a page on your site.  That way you won’t keep getting questions and can encourage potential posters to submit articles for possible submission.

 Don’t be concerned if in the beginning you’ll most likely need to ask others to guest post, but once established you’ll receive the requests.

 Requirement List Example:

(Alter it to your specific needs, of course.)

  • The article must be unique and original content, not found anywhere else.

  • The article will be used exclusively on the (name your blog) blog and won’t be found on other sites after it’s posted on (name your blog) blog.

  • 300 to 500 words in length.

  • Include – a picture of the author if you want one, a bio with no more than 2 self-serving links, 1 or 2 stock photo images or screenshots for your post (it’s the guest’s duty to make sure they follow the copyright rules of the images).

  • Only 1 to 2 links in the post are allowed – IF they are relevant.

  • The article may be lightly edited at the discretion of the site owner.  If heavy editing is needed it will be sent back to the author.

  • Topics Available to Cover: Creating & growing an online business, marketing, writing, blogging, SEO, eBook creation, social media, Christian business, working from home (and what that may entail), and image creation. – (for example – family, holidays, kids, special needs or whichever topics your blog covers).

  • If there is an affiliate product or membership involved, we may change one of the links to our affiliate link. ** If your article has an affiliate product or membership – we only accept the most reputable ones.

It does matter to you what their agenda is. In other words what are they promoting?  You should investigate what their link points to and whether it is something you want to be associated with or not.

I would suggest you only allow one to two links at the very most. Usually, a link will not be needed except in their bio you add after their article, which will be the link to their website or blog.

 Congratulations!  Allowing others to write posts for you is an excellent idea as it frees up your time and gives your blog relevant and valuable content.  Decide beforehand what you should look for in a guest blogger and don’t be afraid to post your requirements.

If you are looking to become a Guest Blogger or Contributing Writer,

please read our Guest Blogger Guidelines for more information.

 Happy Blogging! 🙂 Please, don’t be shy – let us know what you think in the Comments below. Also, if you have any questions – Ask Away.

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