How Would YOU Like To Be A Wellness Advocate and Enthusiast?

Wellness Advocate Enthusiast

How Would YOU Like To Be A Wellness Advocate and Enthusiast? Some of you that know me know that I have treated my family naturally for years with supplements, herbs, plants, and oils. I’m a wellness advocate and enthusiast and truly love it… 

I grew up with it all on a mountain in a time long ago.

I so miss it too. 

I have been using essential oils For about 1 1/2 years now.

I’ve been using Young Living oils for the last 6 months for myself and my family and we love them!

Young Livings oils are so much more potent than the other company’s oil I was with for a year! I get so much more assistance from Young Living’s than the other.

I have been sharing these amazing oils with my family, but now I am part of an amazing team of women called Vibrant Thymes.

We are wellness advocates and enthusiasts looking to bring freedom to families physically, emotionally and financially. #YoungLiving #VibrantThymes 
My little group is under #TheWholeYouEssentials 🙂

People in direct sales businesses are working a real & legitimate business.

Multilevel marketing companies are not scams.

They provide commissions and residual income. That’s ongoing paychecks…

You take time off from work and you’re still getting paid!

We are paying our mortgages, buying groceries, giving health to our families, purchasing lessons for our kids, and just plain adding to our family’s bottom line.

On the Vibrant Thymes team…

We have 83 members at the Star rank. Their average income monthly is $79. They are usually just starting to share and want to get their oily products paid for. That’s great!
Who doesn’t like ‘free’ or paid for stuff?

We have 30 Senior Stars and their average income is $250 a month. That’s like a car payment. Or some new tires for the car! OR a grocery bill!

We have 9 Executives. They make about $549 a month. That’s like a chunk of your bills. Maybe more date nights? Maybe one more child sponsored…

We have 8 at Silver rank! Average monthly income for them is $2200. Well that IS your mortgage or rent right? Plus more babysitting… Maybe paying debt down… Plus, getting that ever needed SAVINGS account started.

We have 2 at Gold rank. Average paycheck is $6k Monthly!!
That’s pretty crazy. That’s freedom however you spell it.

It is an income to get you beyond just paying bills…Maybe funding a missions trip? What about more traveling to the bucket list places? College tuition??

There’s lots of work happening here but more than that, there is consistency & diligence.

If you have a product that’s truly life changing, and a team that you dearly love, you’ll be having so much fun that you might be shocked when your first check arrives.

I took a picture of mine and Framed it! 💖 – 3812038

If you’d like to work with our team, we’d be absolutely honored to have you.

Apply Here:

Use #3812038 for Enroller and Sponsor

If you would like to learn more about Essential Oils FIRST – Please Register for my Free Essential Oils 101 Class.

I walk you through all of the information you will want to know about Essential Oils, Young Living, and Getting Started Right.