I’m Doing the 30 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge! Day 1

Hi There!

Yep… I’ve joined in. 

I’ve been dabbling in doing Facebook LIVE videos for a bit. I’m still pretty clumbsy in them and I know I tend to ramble a bit. So I’m Doing the 30 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge! This is Day 1…

 LIVE – Day 1

I’ve been doing a lot of training under different people. These people don’t even know they’re my mentors. LOL!

Anyway, I’ve heard something different from each of them about where to do a Facebook LIVE from. 

Attraction Marketing is how we need to do network marketing, but so many say different things about doing LIVES.

One will say to do a LIVE video on only your Facebook Profile Wall. One will say to do a LIVE from your Facebook Page.

Another will say to not even have a Page and yet another will say to only post all things on your Page.

Where Do We Do The LIVE Videos???

Then another says to post your videos in a Group for creating a great community and impact. Which, by the way, I totally agree with.

I’m a pretty analytical person. I analyze everything. That actually gets me into trouble sometimes.

I analyze things and then I share my findings. People don’t always want to know if I find an error somewhere or my opinion.

As my husband tells me, “Don’t tell others your opinion unless they ask for it”… Although, he isn’t so great at that with me. It’s still pretty good to stand by.

Yet in LIVE videos you can share your opinions and if someone doesn’t want to hear they don’t watch the video.

So anyway – my conclusion is that I’m going to test this. I’m going to test this on my Facebook Page for 30 days. I’m then going to test it for 30 days on my Facebook Wall.

We’ll just see what happens with that. I have a good following, but I have very low interaction. I’m thinking this will spark the interaction some. The interaction will start getting better.

My concern about that is how on the ball I’m going to be every single day. So I’m a little worried about that.

You know what though…? You’re not going to get better if you don’t do the work. 

I say that. Yep. I sure do. Now I need to actually put it into practice and carry out it myself! LOL! 

Be sure to click ‘Follow’ in the video and click ‘Follow the Page’ so you are notified of all my LIVE videos. It’s more fun with LIVE interaction. So be sure and say HI to me while I’m doing them.

My Tip for Day 1 for LIVE videos…

Keep a Steady Hand

I know it can get pretty exciting, but when we hold the phone we are using we need to be aware that the jumble can mess with our viewers. It’s not fun to watch and it totally distracts from your message. 

Alrighty… God willing I will see you all tomorrow for Day 2! 

Thanks for watching and reading my post. 


Hope this has helped you!

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Have a Beautiful Day…
~ Bobbi

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