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Would you like to Learn about Essential Oils and Young Living? Are you curious how oils actually work or maybe about a specific oil?

Do we only have essential oils? No. We also have blends, supplements, bath and beauty products, cleaning items, and even recipe books and pasta!

I’m a bit partial, but we have AMAZING Things… 🙂  

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If you take my Essential Oils 101 Online Class – you will have a great basis and understanding of Essential Oils and why they are so fantastic.

I personally got Sick and TIRED of Being sick and tired! So I made a change! Now my passion and mission in life is to help others make those needed changes also. 

You will also have a better understanding of Young Living and how it all began over 20 years ago. 

essential oils 101 class

As the above image shows some of the topics I cover are:

  • What Are Essential Oils
  • How Do We Get or Make The Essential Oils
  • How Do We Use Essential Oils
  • Cancer Causing Chemicals May Be In Your Home
  • How To Toss Those Toxins Out

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** I ask that NO Current Young Living Distributors register for this class. Thank you for understanding. I need to keep it open for those who are not currently with Young Living… 

Essential Oils 101 Online Class

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What To Expect After You Register 

  • Right after you complete the Registration Form you will be redirected to the Thanks For Joining page. You will see this page only ONE time.
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  • You will also get a Class Email Sign up (this email is the one you need to opt-in to receive. This will email you class updates and essential oil information pertaining specifically to this class.
  • When you login to your membership class you will be directed to the Members Page with the audio and video of the class. You will also have posts shown to you (as they are available) with essential oil information for continued learning.


If you are at all interested in the Wellness Industry or getting yourself or your family well or healthier then this is a Great Class for YOU.

The Essential Oils Guide




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Hope this has helped you! And if it has, please share with your teams and friends if you feel it would benefit them.

Comment below if you’re ready to get vulnerable, I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. ☺

Have a Beautiful Day…

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