Managing An Online Community When You Don’t Feel Good

Being Sick & Online Community

How Can I Manage An Online Community or A Membership Site If I Cannot Even Get Out Of Bed?

There are plenty of reasons why a person cannot get out of bed. We all have our own reasons. Some are better than others. No matter what we may still need to manage an online community or group.

What if you are dealing with an illness or just don’t feel good? 

Some people have an illness or a physical limitation that confines them to their bed. If you’re reading this you may even have a chronic illness.

Others may have some kind of depression. Then some others really like to stay up way late and cannot drag themselves out of bed.

Which Part Would You Say You Fit In?

Let’s face it – the morning does not bring a smile to the face of some. To some, it brings an outright grimace.

It may not even be the morning that is the issue for you. Are you completely exhausted in the mornings? You know the days, weeks or months when sleep can be so elusive. Oh yes – sleep is our longed for friend.

Back in 2013 I was dealing with a lot of health issues that lasted up to around 2016. I had some tumors in my stomach that caused a lot of problems for me. Thank You Jesus – they turned out to be non-cancerous. 

I was still kind of bed-ridden for about a month. I had to have a procedure done which helped the issue about 85%, but I was still dealing with a lot of pain and exhaustion. 

So… I completely understand when a person is going through a season of sickness. 

You aren’t asking for it. You just need time to get through it. And … with a little dignity and grace. 

Well, what if you are experiencing any of these issues, what does one do?

You still need to touch-base with your membership. You need to keep in contact with your community and continue that communication. Yet you cannot pull yourself out of your bed.

Do you have a laptop?


Get a wireless internet service and keep your laptop in your bedroom. When you are at that point or must stay in bed, you will have your workstation right there.

You can literally wake up, turn the computer on, and begin working. Click To Tweet

You could even do what one person does who I spoke with recently. It may be to the point of obsession, but I would actually consider it if I was experiencing exhaustion for an extended amount of time.

They literally have their coffee pot located in their bedroom and the coffee is ready to go when they wake up. All they need to do is roll over and pour a cup. You could even have a danish or a muffin and banana there waiting for you.

Now, that’s convenience!

What if you cannot get out of bed because you are not motivated any longer? Are you feeling depressed? 

It happens. Could be a situation. It could be the season – either in time or a season you’re going through.

I would take a long look at what you are doing. What business are you in? What kind of work do you do?

Do you have a true interest in it? Or are you doing it just to make money?

That Can Be So Draining!

There are ways that you can realign your membership or community so it more fits your interest and doing so can reignite that fire for what you are doing.

Also, if you are going through something in your life that is bringing down your motivation and energy, why don’t you recruit some help? We all go through those slumps in life.

It is life and life happens…To us all.

Those in your community or group, especially already established communities and groups can be more than willing to help. Asking them will even benefit their appreciation for you more. They will appreciate that you have considered them to be worthy of your help. We all want to be wanted.

Pick out a few people who have stood out as reliable and approachable to you. Let them know that you are looking for a little help with keeping the community communication going, adding topics, and answering some of the questions.

This can help you in such a huge way. It can give you that time to rest and recuperate without that constant nagging feeling of letting your community members down.

What other ways can you think of that could help with those ‘can’t get out of bed’ moments?


Hope this has helped you!

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I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. 

Have a Beautiful Day…

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  1. Bobbi Raffin says:

    @UnveiltheWeb – Hi there. So true. It’s better to build a community & recruiting moderators from the very beginning. That in itself will help a lot. Thanks for your comment. ~ Bobbi

  2. BobbiRaffin says:

    AnnaJeanine Thank you, Anna. I really appreciate that. Chronic fatigue is so difficult. I feel for you. If you have or come across some other helpful suggestions, please let us know. 🙂

  3. AnnaJeanine says:

    I love your post! I have chronic fatigue syndrome and am a night owl, too. So sometimes I am later getting online than I would like. These are really good suggestions.

  4. UnveiltheWeb says:

    Hi Bobbi,

    Great post! If you’ve done a really good job of creating a community, you might have considered approaching moderators and helpers with the site long before you became sick.

    They can help when you’re on vacation or need days away for other business or opportunities.

    If enough quality, reliable people are in place they will be able to help you no matter your situation and if it allows them a marketing opportunity in exchange for their efforts it’s a win-win.

    Thanks for making me think about this subject!
    Don Purdum

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