My Top 10 Tips of Being A Great Client

my top 10 tips of being a great client

Do You Ever Wonder How to Be a Great Client?

If you buy a service or hire freelancers or even have a Virtual Assistant you probably should. Here we will cover My Top 10 Tips of Being a Great Client.

I think those of us who work from home usually focus on how to be a great provider and do the best job we can for others whether it be content creation, technical support, coaching, or training’s.

There’s another aspect we need to take a look at though.

How to BE a Great Client or Customer

Not only will this give us a better idea of what we need to bring to the table AS clients, but it will also help us get a better understanding of what we need to ask of our clients right off the bat.

We need to put ourselves in the providers shoes. They are trying to do the best job they can. 

First of all, be honest with what you are wanting and the exact resources you have available. You do not want to hype things up to make yourself look better just to have them find out the facts later. 

Tons of HONOR in being truthful.

Top 10 Tips of Being a Great Client

Tip 1

Set a realistic budget for the project. Let the applying or bidding providers know exactly what that amount is right at the front. 

Realistic doesn’t mean ‘cheap’ or stingy. 

Although, if you are just starting out it’s okay to have a lower end budget. Just remember that you will be getting applications or bids that are willing to take that amount.

This means either they have mediocre work or they are just starting out also and are working on building their references.

Tip 2

Choose who you work with wisely. This is your job. It’s on you to select the right person for the job right off. 

Show due diligence…

Do a little research on their character and work ethic. Take a look at their references. If they have none ask for a couple of sample projects turned in to you first.

Tip 3

Sometimes, as a client we may give very vague instructions or requests. Then we expect the person to know exactly what we are wanting.

  • Use bullet point for instructions.
  • Be direct & use specific points.
  • Use very clear and precise language. 
  • Don’t try to fluff up the instructions.

Tip 4

Per the specific project, we should ask ourselves, “What will the provider need”?

Think in terms of doing it yourself and try to offer as much of what the freelancer or virtual assistant will need from you before they even ask. 

This is ‘thinking ahead’ and being proactive in what you are wanting accomplished. 

Tip 5

Provide an example if possible and let them know that it’s just an example or idea. Tell them you would like ‘something like this’ for the work done.

You may also need to give samples or a color scheme if applicable.

Tip 6

Encourage them to ask questions. 

It’s far better they ask questions before the project is completed. This may help to make sure its completed correctly the first time around instead of needing a re-do. 

Tip 7

Be humble. If the provider is suggesting something or offering advice – don’t immediately dismiss it. 

It may be the way to go. Maybe it’s a new angle for you. It could be new AND improved. 

Maybe not…but you never know if you don’t even give them a chance and take a look at it.

Tip 8

Make sure you’re contact information is SIMPLE. 

Give the provider a phone number and an email. 

Don’t give them 3 different emails, your website contact url, your Facebook wall, and a few different phone numbers to ‘try’ and find you at.

As a client be as accessible and available as you expect them to be. 

Tip 9

Pay when the payment is due. 

Don’t be a slacker in this department. The person did the work. They will deserve the agreed upon pay at the agreed upon time.

Tip 10

If they did an adequate or good job – say so. Write them a reference or a testimonial they can use for their website. 

That’s really important and helpful to those in business. 

You can feel free to ask for a testimonial from them as well. It could be about you as a client or what you have to offer.


Hope this has helped you!

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