Product Showcase – AgilEase – But That Isn’t All!


Product Showcase – AgilEase – but that isn’t all! 

I’ll be doing a weekly or bi-weekly Product Showcase for you. Yes, just for YOU. 🙂 

I’ll figure out the exact schedule later. 

I showcase all my Young Living products, such as our essential oils and supplements over at my Young Living Site’s Blog

The first on my list is AgilEase (ajil ease)

This supplement is Awesome Sauce in a capsule.

Click HERE to take a closer look into AgilEase.


The second in this Product Showcase is Envision! 

Ohhh – Yes. Quiet the mind and the soul will speak. I personally love this when I’m praying and quiet myself to hear from the Holy Spirit. 

Take a look HERE to learn more about Envision.