It certainly can be overwhelming when first starting your own Business, Blog or Website. There are so many avenues and resources out there. It’s difficult to know where to begin.

There are a few you really do need to know about which will help you be as successful as possible with your new business, website, and/or blog.

Systems to Help Build Your Online Home-based Business, Part-time and Like a PRO.

AutoResponder – Email – Newsletter Service

aWeber – Is very user-friendly. This is definitely my Favorite autoresponder or email service. (Low cost) and is the BEST (in my opinion) autoresponder/email marketing for ANY business. No matter what niche you are in, the use of an autoresponder helps keep a good relationship with your customers, prospects, and followers. Remember, “Money is in the list AND follow-up”.

CLICK for Free Guide to Email Marketing

Free Guide to Email Marketing

AWeber also offers a really fantastic Free Email Course


Blogging & Website – I’m such an advocate for the uploadable instead of the online version. With the .org you own all of your content and there are no policies in place that state they can terminate your account at any time and for any reason. You own your content and decide what to do with it. Plus, Google loves it.

BlueHost – A really great option for hosting if you’re just starting out!  The majority of all my clients use these guys! They also offer a FREE domain name as you’re signing up, which is great if you’re just getting going! (I suggest your name as a domain as you can’t go wrong with your name.) I use them for my hosting service.


MLSP University – I HIGHLY Recommend this training. You can get a trial account to test it out. It is PACKED with such training that blows me away. Things your Upline is NOT telling you about. They just probably don’t realize there’s a Better way of doing your Business. Watch this FREE webinar: 7 Online Business Secrets to Get More Leads, Sales, Sign-Ups, Clients, Cashflow… and how to Make Money from Every Prospect You Talk To. Click Here for More Information!

Mastery – If you want to Soar in your Business, Learn the industry secrets right from the Pro’s AND Make MONEY on Those training’s and products – THIS is the System for you. It’s what I am using and I am in love with it. Plus, when you refer 3 people into this program it’s FREE for You! How Awesome is that?!?! There’s even a QUICK START PLAN to get you off and running Right Away. Watch this FREE Webinar:  



Payment Processor

PayPal – I personally love PayPal. It’s a great option for beginners and has lots of features. Plus, many companies are starting to use the Credit option PayPal has. If the buyer uses it the seller gets full price, but the buyer has time to make the payments to PayPal. It’s a win-win for sure. Especially if someone is financially strapped, but they really want to purchase your product for self or business improvement. 

Image Editing – A great online photo editing tool for resizing images. – This is my go-to place for creating images for my blog posts and most social media images. It’s easy to use and it has a variety of things you can do. Especially, if you get the business account. I used the free account for years. Now I’m at the Canva for Work level and a new world of creativity just opened up! Logos w/ vector/transparent backgrounds, eBook creation, and more.

Stock Images – iStock has tons of royalty free photographs and vector artwork that you can use on your site!  A great resource!

Creative Market – A fabulous selection of stock photography and lots of other great finds.

Colors Schemes

ColourLovers – Be ready to get lost in this site as it has thousands (millions?) of color schemes to choose from!  Along with allowing you to create your own!

Design-Seeds – A favorite color scheme sites!  I am best inspired by images, so this site pulls color schemes from some amazing photographs!

Freelance Assistance – You can find a vast array of different help on this site. The beginning rate of these freelancers begins at $5.00. I’ve found some really awesome ones and not so great. You have to do your research. You can get anything from logos, article written or re-written, SEO, marketing, image editing and much more. It’s a great place to find help. – This is the place I suggest to my clients when they are wanting to find good developers or help for setting up, customizing or maintaining their WordPress site and WishList Member membership site. There are a vast array of freelancers that offer many different services.

Printing Services

Moo – An amazing print company best known for their Mini and Luxe Cards. 

Vista Print – I got my last batch of business cards here. I really love the quality.


Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you sign up for their services or purchase their product, I will get a ‘commission’ for the sale. If you do purchase one of those – Thank you. This helps support my family.  

Income Disclosure, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy

With that said, I only list items here that I’ve personally used, love and feel could be of service to you.

Christian Walk

Abide app – This app is for either the iPhone or Smart Phones. 

15 Minute App – 



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