How To Set Content Access To Membership Levels

Access and Protection Settings In WishList Member

I get a lot of questions at work about why certain content isn’t showing for a clients members. In this post we’ll go over How To Set Content Access To Membership Levels.

It’s pretty darn easy too…

A little run-down on Access and Protection for ya.

Okay – so you want to protect the content you have for your membership levels. You probably don’t want the public or non-members to see certain content. 

So… You protect it. Sure. Absolutely you do. 

Although – that is not the ONLY thing you need to do.

If you just protect your content and do not set it for any level – None of your members will be able to see it either! 

The content’s  ACCESS needs to be set. 

You can set the access by selecting the wanted membership level in either the page or post or within the Content tab in the WishList Member dashboard. 

Selecting within a WordPress page or post:

You would select ‘Yes, protect this content’ AND one or multiple levels under the ‘Select the membership level that can access this content’.

You will now need to click the Save/Update WordPress button for the post or page. 


Selecting within the Content tab:

Go To the WishList Member dashboard – click on the ‘Content’ tab – then select the post or page. You will then click on the ‘Select an Action’ button and select ‘Add Levels’. Click the ‘Apply’ button.

add level in WishList Member Content tab

Once that is completed, you will see the level or levels under the ‘Levels’ tab as you see above.


Information on Protection and Access


The following content is some general information we give out in the WishList Products Support Department.

You need to assign Protected Content to the Membership Level(s) you want to be able to ACCESS the content.

If you just set the Protection and NOT the Access – the member will NOT have access to the content.

There is a difference between ACCESS and PROTECTION.

PROTECTION basically works as an On/Off switch. You have Pages, Posts and Categories that you can PROTECT. You either set them as Protected or Unprotected.

Then you set who/which Membership Level(s) have ACCESS to those Protected Pages, Posts and Categories.

To summarize, you select which Membership Levels can ACCESS the PROTECTED content.

You can set Protection and Access in the Content section of WishList Member.

Setting Protection Screenshot: 

Setting Access Screenshot:


Note that you can also set the protection and access settings for a Page or Post in the edit section of the Page or Post.

You can view the Protection and Access settings for an individual Page or Post in the edit section.



Well – there ya go. 🙂 

Sure hope this helps and happy membershipping to you. 

~ Bobbi