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If the idea of having a Home-based Business appeals to you then WATCH the Following Videos and Fill Out the APPLICATION Form below…


I’ve worked from home on and off since 1999!

I have been working at home fully since 2010 and make a pretty good income.

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done!

It Can Be Done. 

YOU can make money from your home and earn a good income. It’s a dream that CAN come true. People do it all the time.


We do this in a network relationship-building mode. It is no longer the high-pressured sales techniques. That just doesn’t work. People will tell you, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Network marketing is a wonderful way to earn residual income. Residual income is a way of making a consistent income – even if you aren’t working.

So the goal is to build that up and then that builds upon itself.

The avenue I use for my Residual Income is Young Living Essential Oils. I use them daily and love them – so I may as well make money and earn free products with them as well.


Learn More by going through the Essential Oils 101 Class

essential oils 101 class

To Sign up for this FREE class Click Here. You’ll be taken to a Registration Form.

Then you will receive a Welcome Email with your instructions.


If you are at all interested in the Wellness Industry or getting yourself or your family well or healthier then this is a Great Business for YOU.



The Poverty Mentality… Don’t Allow It To Stop You!

I lived in the Poverty Mentality for far too many years. Now and then I still have that fear of not having enough, but it doesn’t last long. 🙂

If I can come from being a Single Mom, $6.00 left in savings, no job, no unemployment left, getting food boxes from my church, odd jobs off Craigslist, projects from a Leader at my church, not sure where the money was going to come from to pay rent, food, electricity and such, living in a cement-one bedroom rental with no windows in the front and metal kitchen cabinets, with a snake infestation in the back, and a physically dangerous environment on top of that – while almost at the homelessness point… 

THEN – Going to a happily Married Mom, completely working from home, earning a nice income, and buying our home… 

YOU Can Also!!! 

YES, You CAN! 


Join My Team and Get

I LOVE giving out Thank You Gifts to those who Sign Up with Me.

I send out gifts when you 1st Join, at 3 Months, at 6 Months, and at 12 Months… then at the 6th Month of the 2nd Year and more at the 2nd Year.

Then Yearly after that.

Bonus Gifts at Level Advancements

I’m doing some Pre-Screening Interviews for the Business right now – because it takes a lot of work on my part to establish someone in their own Home Business.

When you work with me – you become a Business Builder – and I will never leave you high & dry. I will work with you and walk with you at every step. Unless, of course, you prefer to go it alone. That is up to you. 

I never show favoritism. I am a firm believer that all should have the same training and the same time put into each of you. No one is better than another. No matter personality or stance in life is more important than another. 

YOU are Important!


Please fill out the following information to be considered for a place on Bobbi Raffin’s Business Building Team.

(You can still become a Wholesale Member without building a business.)

The Whole You Essentials

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