The 3 KEYS To A Powerful Online Business!

No matter what kind of home-based business you are in you need to have The 3 Keys of a Powerful Online Business in place.

You just need to. 

Otherwise, you could be drifting out in a sea of other small business folk who just are trying to make it ashore to get that cherished sale. 


Think about it. Isn’t there quite a lot of other people out there with you? Do you see them on your chosen social media network? All of you are scrambling for the same line to pull you to shore.

In my analogy the shore is a sale or getting that cherished lead and prospect…if you didn’t get that. I’m sure you did though. 🙂 

3 Keys to Powerful Online Business

There Are People Everywhere Begging For Sales!

Something I learned a long time ago is that things are repeated over and over and over again. The Bible states in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that there is nothing new under the sun. The Bible don’t lie. It is so true!

This is the same in the life of business. It’s because our small business has a lot to do with how we think and how we feel – so we put that out there. Maybe we don’t mean to, but subconsciously we show the world our anxiety in making that sale.

When will be our first? When will be our 10th? When will be our next? 

It’s like a fear we aren’t going to make it like the big league players in our niche. You know. The big-time sellers in your company.

This applies to whatever small business you may be in – whether you are a home-crafter, in direct sales, health & wellness, or something else. 

You, me, WE all need to get 3 Keys down to begin to swim away from the flounders and get to that valued shore…

Key One – Blog

Yep – I said it. Blog. Have a blog. Nope blogging is not dead. If you thought it was you aren’t alone. I actually did also. Then I started thinking about it.

What do I do when I need to learn something or find something out? I get on Google – either on my laptop or my phone – and I search my inquiry. What happens? A lot of sites pop up magically with the information I am searching for.


Yes, content is key number one. It is so important to build value. Crazy important. So important you may not realize just how important this key is. 

The next point to Key One is Consistency. If you only put content out every two months or so it’s not going to build any kind of an audience for you. 

Yes, content is KEY number one. It is so important to build value. Crazy important. Click To Tweet

Post often. Put your best effort out in creating really helpful information around your niche or business.

I came across a great article about Blogging. It covers pretty much EVERYTHING you’d need to know on the subject of setup and function and using a blog for your business.

They are even offering a FREE PDF to download. Just downloaded it myself. Really good stuff. 

The Definitive Guide to Starting a Blog (And Making Sure it’s Successful!)

You would like to check it out – You can find it HERE.

You can also download the below PDF at the above blog post. 

Guide to Starting a Blog

Key Two – Attraction Marketing

Another thing that coincides with the verse ‘There is nothing new under the sun” is that most small businesses do marketing the same old-drawn out way! I see this over and over. 

It doesn’t matter if you are in my Product Company, Younique, Amway, Melaleuca, DoTERRA, ItWorks, or Avon. 

The market may be saturated. Yes. That does NOT mean that you can’t make it though!

Don’t give up on yourself.

Attraction Marketing is so much different from posting your product images, pictures of you half-naked (please stop 🙄 ), and BUY This NOW! Yikes!

You know what I mean. You see it all the time. 

People are constantly pushing their green shake in your face or showing their belly to you in a picture that is frankly showing WAY more than I ever want to see. Yuck. I’m NOT going to buy from that… Please. 

Maybe this would be good to share with your current team, but not prospects. If the person likes you they may give you some likes and comments on your social media posts, but how many actually sign up with you? 

Attraction Marketing is more about what your audience NEEDS and not what You need. 

What do they want to know or what do they want to learn? Be helpful not needy. 

Invest in Learning, Teach what You’ve Learned….REPEAT.

Key Three – Care More & Put Your Heart In It

If you are truly concerned about what your audience needs then it will start showing. THAT audience will start taking notice and feel your heart for them.

They will in-turn begin to reach out to you.

How do you do that though in such a loud world?

First, you really need to do some soul-searching. WHO exactly are you talking to? Who is your audience? 

When you figure that out you can begin to define what they are asking. You can ask the questions they are asking and Then ANSWER those questions. 

Who is asking, “What is the latest essential oil blend”? 

Honestly, probably no one. Not unless they are already an oil person and most likely are a part of an oil company. 

A more likely question they are asking is, “What can I use for this skin irritation?” 

Nope. That’s not compliant. It is something a person may be asking themselves though. 

So, you have the assignment of coming up with writing a post about how someone can assist their skin in functioning in a healthy way. You don’t have to actually use non-compliant wording. 

Or say you are with a jewelry company…stop posting pictures of your product with a buy this now. Instead write about color combinations and seasons and warm and cool tones. That can go with a makeup line as well. 

I may just be doing that very soon myself as my Product Company just added makeup to our line. I’m pretty stoked about that. 

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My Tip:

Have More than just ONE Income Source.

There are going to be many many people that will not want your product because either they plane don’t want it, are with a similar company already, or maybe are already in your own company.

If you have something else to offer a person you have a bigger range of options for supplementing your income source.

I have many. Of course my main one, for now, is my full-time job I have with WishList Products. I still work from home, but I am on their schedule. That’s okay. At least for now while I’m building up my business’s. 

I have my Product Company. For those of you who take time to look into my information and around my Home (website or blog) then you probably know what company that is. 

Then there are books and courses I sell. I either make 100% profit on them or I make a nice commission. It just depends on which I decide to offer. I’m currently adding these to my Resources page and in my Tabs on my Facebook Page.

Plus, I love, love, love the network marketing system I use. It gives me high-quality training’s in the back office, I get freebies added, and I get commissions on any purchases made through that system. 

The awesome thing about that is it also allows me to offer Valuable and FREE courses and training’s to people. To whoever I wish to share these fantastic resources with. I want others, just like YOU, to see your true value in this life. Others need you. You have an influence and people are just waiting for you to step up and out. 

I also have my own products, such as membership training’s and eBooks I’m working on right now.


Hope this has helped you!

If it has, please Share this & Comment below.  🙂 

I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. 

Have a Beautiful Day…
~ Bobbi

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