The 30 Day Blog Writing Challenge for Me and YOU! Starts Today – Start Now – Whenever That Is

30 day blog challenge

The 30 Day Blog Writing Challenge for Me and YOU! Starts Today – Start Now – Whenever That Is!

Do Blogs Even Exists Anymore?

If they do exist WHO really reads them? Seriously! Who? 

I began my journey back in 1999 on the internet. 

Which brings up a pretty unrelated thought, “I didn’t even party IN 1999 like it was 1999.” For all you whipper snappers out there I’m talking about Prince’s song ‘Party Like It’s 1999’. 

Not that I wanted to party, but back to the topic at hand.

Another thought… This could be called the 30 Day Rambling Challenge. LOL!

Okay – NOW back to the topic at hand. Whatever that may be…

Looking back I sure wish I would have done things so much differently. I could have been one of those awesome pioneers paving the way for the rest. 

But no…! 

Instead I had to go down the wrong path and make a ton of mistakes. LOL! 

Anyway – I’ve really let writing go. Maybe you can see why. My brain goes from one subject to another in one second flat. 

Subject At Hand…

I’m am challenging myself to a 30 Day Blog Writing Challenge

I really don’t know what I will write about. Maybe I’ll include videos? Maybe I won’t. 

Maybe no one will read this. Maybe someone will…

At this point – who knows. 

I just feel the need to write. To express myself. I’ve held back because I wanted to save writing for that all impressive book that I will probably never finish.

I had almost a complete book on Christian Living. It was called the Clean Slate

My pastor told me in so many words to give up writing. To focus on my family. So I did. 

Things are going pretty darn good. Teen issues, but other than that pretty darn good. 

Then the charger cord in that computer – ya the one I had my BOOK in – fried my computer and I could no longer open it. I think I may have saved it in my Eternal Drive, but I haven’t had the courage to take a look. 

You know it’s like a baby. 

If I hadn’t got it to it’s safe place then Shame On ME!! 

I’ve been told I could try and start a new ministry in my church. That’s pretty cool!

It’s going slow, but all in God’s Perfect Timing. He’s pretty awesome like that. 

Then, as you may be able to tell by my site and Facebook page, I’ve been focused a lot on my business. 

Yes – I still work with WishList Products. For sure! I love them so much. I love the products and I love the people I get to work with. It’s all a great bunch. 

I’m just an entrepreneur by heart. I want and yearn for my own thing. For my own calling. 

The ministry will be HELPS & Connection Ministry. We’ll focus on Single Moms to start to see if I can build a firm foundation for it. Then we may branch off to others who are in need and hurting. That’s my heart and passion.

Then I have my little business I’m trying to grow. I educate people about Essential Oils. I truly love it. I see how the Lord is growing me as a person as I venture out to do the things I have had a fear of. 

It’s becoming not so scary now. Everyday is learning – learning – learning. 

Hey! Here’s an Idea!

Why don’t YOU do the Challenge with me???

Come on. Let’s do it together. 

If you are up to the challenge – Comment below and let me know.

Go ahead and list your blog link also. I’ll come by and check it out.

So on every post I do for this challenge (you can see the tag and category) You can list your blog post in the comments.


** PLEASE no scams, adult content or anything that’s inappropriate. I’ll delete them and block you. 🙂