Vote Your Conscious, but Make Sure You Have The FACTS

Vote For What Is RIGHT…

This is one of the MOST important elections we, as Americans, have faced in a very long time.

I believe those voting for Hillary really are not researching exactly what she stands for – the public stance vs the private stance.

Do you really think this country will prosper with her tax hikes? We need businesses for jobs… Businesses need a lower tax and a lot less regulations on them so that they can survive – so that our people can obtain jobs. Don’t discount all jobless and homeless as having chosen that path. 

Do you really think she’s for babies, children, and families with her PARTIAL BIRTH Abortion stance???? Think about that… Partial Birth and then they are mutilated!! They are undeniably a life and a baby.

Do you think that we can continue to protect ourselves with her Anti-2nd Amendment stand? Yes – she wants all guns gone.

Do you think your children and the elderly – even you – will be safe with OPEN borders? That means absolutely no regulation on those who enter in. NO other country has that. Wonder why?? Because it’s ridiculous.

Do you really think College will be FREE? Nothing is free. SOMEONE has to PAY for it… That will be YOU and that will be my elderly MOM. That will be Me and My Husband. We will PAY until this country is Bankrupt – Completely. Then those kids won’t need college. There will be no colleges. There will just be one set of ideas that will be LAW…

What about her stance on Religious Freedom. I for one do not want to live like those in other countries where they are stoned, burned, or hung because I will NOT denounce my Jesus Christ!

Then there is the open bathroom policy… I cannot understand how any right-minded adult doesn’t see the danger in this….

PLEASE – if you love children in the least little bit – the PARTIAL-BIRTH Abortion should seal the deal on it’s own. Please – the media doesn’t cover the truth…they are very bias.

Not to mention how she has let our Brave Military down – who protects your behinds DAILY – and the extremely poor treatment of our VETERANS. They should be given utmost respect and honor for their sacrifices. 

Then there is our Police… Yes – there can be bad apples in every barrel, but these brave men and women risk their lives for us every single day. They should have enough respect that if you are being pulled over or stopped by an officer and if you have something in your hand – and if they say Drop It – You DROP IT – Period! They have the right to defend themselves. 

Do your research. Look into all the Wikileaks, watch some Fox news. They actually do have unbiased reporting… You can find Some very trust worthy programs. I’ve done a lot of comparison and research on this. She would be devastating to America.

Donald Trumps Contract and Promise to The United States of America:

Take a look at this Google search I did about the WikiLeaks Clinton Emails: 

I also did this search about what her emails stated: 

Hillary promised more jobs back in 2000… Where did all of those jobs go? 

“For all you women out there who think that electing a female president will lift us all up, just ask yourselves if electing an African American president lifted up the blacks in this country.” – Judge Jeanine Pirro  

Partial-Birth Abortion:

Please know some reports you will find will not have all the information, some may be biased towards her, and so go deeper. Do the research. This is important. All those movies we’ve watched about governmental corruption – she is the epidemy of that. 

Yes, do some research. Don’t just follow her blindly. You have a mind of your own. You have a heart.

The mainstream media just reports on what he says about the women accusing him in this speech… Watch all of it. This is important.

You may not ‘like’ him, but More of Obama’s stance, which Hillary will bring, plus worse will destroy our country and our country’s people.