Want A 90-Day Biz Transformation? Get Ready To Take Action!

Do you have a current business? How’s it doing for you?

90-Day Biz Transformation

Is it time to take some major action to get those Business treads rolling along on that road to success?

There was a time I was so burnt out I wanted to quit. I didn’t want to quit my product company completely because I really use the products everything day. I love them. I’m kind of bias. I tried most all other companies and products in my niche and the one I chose works so well for me. It’s perfect for me!

Although… the business side of things just burnt me out.

I scheduled home classes and classes out of my home. I did paid advertising and told all my friends. No one showed up. Not one single person. I did about 8 to 10 local classes all with no shows.

I did online classes. The only people that went to my online classes were people already in my company or people that wanted to learn more and Then signed up with a Different person!

Well… at that point I was pretty much done. Either I quite the business side of my product company or I find a better way to grow my business.

I did!

I decided to completely grow my business online. With that decision, I needed a very focused strategy.

My next step was to find VALUABLE training in a different marketing approach. Training I hadn’t seen anywhere else and at the price point I was looking for.

I found it!

If you haven’t heard me say this before… Here’s my motto:

Learn – Implement – Teach

If you are a true entrepreneur you will never stop learning, implementing and teaching others. 

The 90-Day Biz Transformation Plan

Step 1: Decision

First Decide. Decide with all your heart, gut and strength that you ARE doing this! Decide to be committed to the entire 90 days of the transformation.

THIS is the FIRST three months of the rest of your life. Make it great! Make it count for something!

You need to KNOW where you want to go. Be realistic. Don’t set the standard way too high to reach, but don’t set it too low either. When you reach your goal set another that’s even greater.

For Example: I want to make $5,000.00 a month income with my business.

Step 2: Steps You Need to Take

What will it take to reach your goal? What will you need to do on a daily basis? How many customers will you need? How many recruits or downline will you need?

As an example, I’ll use my marketing training and affiliation system.

So, I will need to obtain 16 people a month in the Mastery level or 32 people a month in the University level. In my system, we get 3 points for every person in Mastery and to 1 point for every person in University. For now, we’ll just use the Mastery Training as the example.

I would need to sign-up 3-4 people a week.

I would need to talk to about 40 people a week to do that.

Now – that’s a pretty high example.

Maybe you only want to make an extra $500 a month.

You still need to go through and pinpoint the steps you will need to take to get there.

Step 3: Be Coachable and Teachable

If you feel that you know all you need to know and that you are doing it the right way right now then all the power to ya…

I can tell you this… I will be forever learning new things. I will never know everything I need or want to know.

I have multiple Top Earners I am training under. I take and absorb all I can and then I apply it. Not everyone has the exact same methods so I take what I feel will work for me and for different situations I come across.

Step 4: Get Accountability Partner

Find someone to be accountable with… If you both are serious about growing your business this will work really well. If you or the other person doesn’t care much it will lead to a lot of frustration to the one this is important to.

Choose an accountability Partner wisely. It’s an important decision. This is something I’m still working on.

Step 5: Take MASSIVE Action

Here’s my motto… Learn – Implement – Teach

This is the step where you IMPLEMENT! Take action like never before.

I know of someone, I forget who said this at the time – again, training under a lot of people right now (I’ll fix this when I remember. 😊) – who did a ton of videos every single day to get the exposure and build his audience.

Do as many videos and/or LIVE videos on Facebook as you can.

Do as many blog posts as possible.

Create some Facebook Ads. (I’ve got an Awesome free PDF guide and training webinar on this – Take a look in the Resources tab on my website.)

Pull a ROCKY!! Seriously!

You must pay the price now to get to where you want to be.

If you don’t really-truly want to put the work in or don’t really care about it be honest. Cause if you don’t care you’re not going to do the work. It’s no problem, but don’t expect high results with a lazy effort.

Just sayin’!

If you DO want it though… Learn – Learn – Learn!!

Invest in yourself. Then take massive huge action.

Now Track…

Step 5.1: TRACK All Action & Results

I consider this a part of Step 5. It’s a part of the Action Steps you need to take. You’ll be able to begin seeing what is working and what is not working.

Then you can bring your steps into a concise well planned out approach.

You can use a software like Excel or

Your product company may have a CRM (Customer Relations Manager) in your back office.

This way once they opt-in to receive notifications, trainings, or buy something they are added. Then you can email them and/or call them.

My product company has a basic one.

My marketing/training system has a nice one in the back office. You connect it to your autoresponder, setup tasks, lists their SM links, company, add notes, and more. I love that.


Hope this has helped you!

If it has, please Share this & Comment below.  🙂 

I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. 

Have a Beautiful Day…
~ Bobbi






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