Why I Switched To Young Living Essential Oil

Over a year ago I began searching for Peppermint Essential oil. 

Peppermint Vitality

I have had IBS issues for most of my life and within the last 5 years or so it seems like certain gluten products just killed my stomach. 

I was so tired of being stuck at home because of my untimely issues. I already knew peppermint was wonderful for the stomach. 

The stuff in our health food store was NOT good enough. It even stated that it was for cooking, but not for consumption…

What?!? Ummm – Same thing. 

Anyway – nope. That wasn’t for me. 

My search led me to two companies – doTERRA and Young Living. 

My friend’s friend from my church sold doTERRA so I decided to go with them. I had reservations on this decision but I was trying to help her out and I didn’t think it would be that big of a difference.   

I was told I could market on my website, that the shampoo would build up and give volume to my thinning hair, and ONLY doTERRA did the ‘Certified Testing’. They call it something different, but I don’t want to mention it here.

Well, the shampoo is actually wonderful for someone with really thick and dry hair. It did the opposite of what I wanted.

Soon after I began, the FDA issues kicked in and doTERRA decided that we were not responsible enough to use appropriate language regarding the products and FORBID our ability to market on our own websites.

In fact, they would not allow me to use their name if my website was listed anywhere in a post or on my social media account. 

My sponsor and upline only contacted me about purchasing more doTERRA. They wanted to make sure I was buying ‘a certain amount’. Then they would be sure to let me know that they are determined to grow their business. 

Well…. Every now and then it would be nice to be contacted with a ‘Howdy. How are you?’ And not always about growing their business. 

Also, I was tagged in Facebook in every single post they saw in every single group they were in… Ugghh 

It was really tiring. I became very overloaded with dread to even hear the name of doTERRA after a while.

I love the products. It’s the business practice that I did not agree with.

I was at the level of Director when I left. That’s how done I was. I left my Director level status to start all over at the beginning with Young Living.

I was told by the representative that was helping me with my account that they would leave my accumulated points up in my account so I could use them on products. 

They sure didn’t do that though…

They completely shut my account down and wiped out all of my points. They even wiped me out as a wholesale customer completely. They didn’t need to tell me my points and customer account would remain – but they did and then wiped it all out. Not good…

Now for what I love about Young Living… 🙂 

Let me just say I went from Director status at doTERRA to switch with a ‘starting completely over’ status with Young Living.

That was a lot to give up. I love it though. I really do.

I didn’t even have to wait months to get the first points set to my account like it takes with doTERRA. 

It was instant with Young Living. Boom!! Right after sign up I saw 13.90 PV in my account.

Of course that amount will depend on the amount of your initial purchase.



There are so many more of a variety of Single Oils offered by Young Living. They have meal replacement powders, protein powder, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and so much more!! Unbelievable really.


As of 2015…

  • Young Living has 90 Single Oils
  • doTERRA has 42 Single Oils
  • Young Living has 132 Unique Blends of Oils
  • doTERRA has 19 Blends of Oils
  • Young Livings Premium Starter kit has the Diffuser, 10 5 ml essential oils, and a bonus essential oil. Costs $150. 
  • doTERRA’s kit that costs $150 is the Family Physician, with 10 5 ml essential oils and a bonus oil. It has No diffuser.
  • Young Living does a one-time distilling process – which makes them a lot stronger.
  • doTERRA does a three-time distilling process – makes them weaker than Young Living’s oils.
  • Young Living Owns and Jointly Owns farms and grows all their plants for their oils – and creates jobs for Americans.
  • doTERRA outsources in other countries.
  • Young Living believe we are adults and are capable in marketing in a responsible way and using the correct language for their oils. We can use their company name and have our website on social media. We can also talk about the company and oils on our websites.
  • doTERRA forbids having a link to your own website on social media if you talk about their oils. You are forbidden to talk about their oils or their company on your website. They specifically told me people are not to know you are with doTERRA from reading your information on your own website. WHAT??!! If I’m proud of the company I’m with I want to be able to talk about them and share them… 

If you would like to learn more about Young Living – Please feel free to visit my Young Living site:


Now please enjoy a Refreshing Strawberry Lemonade Recipe… 🙂


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