Will WishList Member Work With Any WordPress Theme?

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Is WishList Member Compatible with WordPress Themes?

Just to give you a little background on my experience with WishList Member… 

I’ve worked with WishList Products in the Tech/Customer Service Department since 2010 and continue to and…LOVE it! 🙂

I also wrote training articles for the WishList Insider for four years.

I worked with it, help our clients with it, and use it … Every single day. 

Answer in one word: YES!

The WishList Member WordPress plugin is very compatible with most every WordPress plugin out there.

I’ve one seen a few issues here and there, but that has been since 2010. So, it’s really not too much at all. Especially, considering all the variables in technology.


Generally, if a member were to select the pages that appear in the site menu using the theme’s settings, this can overwrite the WishList Member page protection settings.

Not always – just sometimes. It depends on the WP theme’s coding.

One kind of theme we do know of that can possibly trigger issues are any that enable for pages to be set as ‘not visible’ or visible in the menu.

These theme settings can overwrite the WishList Member protection settings.

This could display a protected page (or pages) on the site’s menu for one or even more to get access to the ‘supposed to be’ protected content.

WishList Member has been designed to be very workable with most WordPress themes. We hardly ever hear of any issues with the theme a customer is utilizing.

A Great Tip To Keep In Mind:

Any theme that enables you to pick which pages can go visible or invisible in the navigation area can conflict with the WishList Member plugin.

This has to do with coding, not just placing a page in the menu, but the theme’s coding vs WLM’s protection.

If a customer experiences an issue with a theme, it is usually due to the customization of that particular theme.

Test ~ Test ~ Test

A fantastic way to carry out a test for potential problems is to utilize the default WordPress theme to your site.

Now browse the website as a user or a member. You will need to make sure to be logged OUT of Admin FIRST.

You know it was the theme clashing with WishList Member if there is no longer an issue appearing.

As touched on, most themes will operate with WishList Member with no issues at all, but the aforementioned test can certainly help to make certain.