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Young Living Income Disclosure


Success Stories:

“Young Living is a high quality company that consistently exceeds all of my expectations.” – April J.
“When Wall Street is shaking and trembling and falling like dominoes, our Young Living checks not only sustain us through this crisis, but my check continues to go up!” – Susan H.
“This information is life changing and will give you the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. Residual income is the way of the 21st century, and what an incredible way to build health and wealth.” -Linda S.
“I have discovered that there is no limit to what one can achieve with Young Living. Success comes from helping others be successful.” – Kathy F.
“I see Young Living as a business vehicle with a lot of untapped potential.” – Carl J.


Network Marketing

I and my team use Network Marketing to grow our businesses. 

Definition of Network Marketing:

A business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also multilevel marketing in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level.

It’s not only earnings based on multi-levels (thus – Multi-Level Marketing), but it’s also Residual Income. I love, love, love this part! 

Definition of Residual Income:

The remainder. The continual flow after the main amount has gone. 

How would you like to continually receive a paycheck even if you took a few months off?? Yes – it’s possible. Very possible.

Plus – with Young Living your business residual earnings are ‘Willable’.

Which means you can name your children or whoever you wish to inherit your business and earnings when you pass away.

“Network Marketing perfectly covers how we are in the business of marketing products and services through a network of ever expanding and increasingly productive distributors using word of mouth advertising.” – Eric Worre


More Success Stories

“Young Living Essential Oils has completely changed my life. I am better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. My whole outlook on life has changed. I have more meaningful relationships now than I ever imagined. I have a purpose for my life. I have a mission in my life. The blessings in our lives are all because of Young Living and we will be forever grateful to Gary Young and his wife, Mary, for their devotion and commitment to making this possible for all of us, along with all the Young Living staff. We are living the miracle of Young Living Essential Oils.” — Kathy K.



“Before I got started with Young Living Essential Oils 18 years ago I was in a financial mess and had no idea how we were going to survive. I felt like there was no way out. My mother had just signed up with Young Living so she brought over some oils for me to try. She brought several oils but the one I was drawn to was the oil blend Abundance. Abundance oil attracts abundance but it is also mood uplifting.

I realized that a business with Young Living Essential Oils could be the answer to our financial problems. We were loaded down with debt and due to circumstances, didn’t have enough money coming in. I was looking for a way to supplement our income.

That was a day that changed my life emotionally and financially. I was able to cover the cost of my products very quickly and supplement our income, but the best part is that I have been earning a full-time income working from home for the past 16 of my 18 years with Young Living Essential Oils.


My husband Mark was able to leave his high stress job and join me working from home.

My son Brandon, was able to leave his job and go full time with Young Living at age 23. He is 34 years old now.” —Melodie K. 


“Being successful at Young Living is all about relationships. When you focus on helping others build their businesses, you will find success. By helping others you help yourself. It is all up to the individual. With Young Living Essential Oils, you can go as far as you are willing to go and can achieve as much as you are willing to work for.” — Richard and Shauna D.


“Young Living Essential Oils is prepared for momentum right now. Young Living is a perfect match for people who are excited about heart-centered marketing. From day one, Young Living encourages us to be ourselves and be authentic. We do not have to act like salespeople. We can just be ourselves because the products work. I desire to teach people that their history is not their destiny. Just because things in our life have been difficult does not mean that our futures will be the same. With Young Living Essential Oils, we can achieve greatness.” — Teri W.


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Help In Enrolling:


IF you haven’t done it yet – Please complete the Application for the Business Builders. 

You can still work this business – at your own pace – you are welcome!! LOVE for you to Join us. 

I’m just trying to get an idea of those who are so fired up about not staying stuck that you are ready to Go For It!! 


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