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So, what IS this attraction marketing all about anyway?

  • It’s about pulling people in.

  • Pulling their interests in and invoking their interest towards you and what you have to offer.

  • Having someone like you for something you’re offering.

Definition of Attraction:

‘The action or power of evoking interest, pleasure or liking of someone or something. It’s appeal, desirability, and allure.’ It’s entertainment, activity, diversion, and interest.’

It’s attractiveness with what you’re offering or your personality or character.

6 Keys of Effective Attraction Marketing Podcast

Now with attraction there’s also the opposite.

A lot of people come to social media and we think, “Ohh, we need to market our items, we need to market our products and our business.”

Market, Market, Market!

Which will translate to most as Sale, Sale, Sale!

No… Please stop doing that.

That is not what social media was created for and it gives marketers a bad name.

Marketing is different. Attraction marketing is different.

The opposite of attraction marketing is to push people away, to repulse them, to drive them away. To make them totally uninterested or repulsed by what you are talking about or are offering.

It is not offering that valuable content. That value you really need to offer to people. We want to offer the value. Let me say it again…

Offer VALUE!

Okay! Alright…

How Do We Do This Effectively?

We want to be effective with this, but how do we do that?

~ The main way is You Want to Attract People. You don’t want to repulse them or push them away.

You don’t want to discourage people or having people running from you.

~ You need to Brand YOU… Do not try to brand your products or company. Your company is great at branding themselves. They don’t need your help.

~ Become the Leader in Your Niche and in Your Message. You become the Go-To person. The person that people want to follow.

And really – as a leader – all you NEED to Know is a Little More than the Next Guy…

You don’t need to be an expert. Please don’t be a ‘know-it-all’. There’s nothing worse, in my opinion, than a know-it-all who doesn’t need anyone’s help, and they just know everything.

Who wants to work with someone like that and who wants to follow someone like that?

We should all continue to learn and grow from other people. Everyone has something to offer.

And you do want to continue learning as much as you can so you do know something more than the next person.

What do we do in marketing?

Learn… Implement what we’ve learned (take the action steps)… Teach what we’ve just learned and have taken action on.

That’s what’s going to brand you as the leader in your industry so people will want to follow you.

People have needs… So, basically you want to speak on a ‘pain point’ of your audience.

People want to lose weight, they want to get healthy, they want to buy a home, they want that financial freedom.

They will want to start a business or they will want to get their current business going, or they may want to start another one.

There’s a constant need in people in all areas of life. So, you want to speak to that need or to that want and desire in them.

Plus, put content out there that’s going to resolve an issue for them. Then they will come to YOU as the Leader and their going to want to know more of what you have to offer.

~ Besides NOT being salesy Attraction Marketing is really about Branding You and your message.

People join people – not the companies. They want the benefit of the benefit of the product.

They don’t want to know where the product is made and they usually don’t care about all of the ingredients. They don’t care about the process.

They want to know the results they are going to get from it.

Everyone is, at this point, pretty bored with hearing about the product name and ingredients and such.

~ On Social Media it’s hugely about getting to know people, getting to like them, and then getting to trust them.

It’s a huge thing about the Know, Like, and Trust factor. That’s a huge key to attraction marketing.

~ You want to get meet people on social media and you want to get that content out there so they can get to know you, decide that they like you, and build a trust of you.

~ When they read, listen to, or watch your content they will resonate with it and they will all come to you.

It’s about growing your reach and your audience.

It doesn’t matter your niche or the business or company that you’re in, because that could change at any time.

The company could go under, there could be an issue with the product, or you could just decide you don’t want to be with the company any longer.

All of that is real life and it happens and you need to be prepared for it.

Now, if you brand yourself you can move on and people will know you. They won’t be confused when you start talking about this other thing.

With Attraction Marketing it’s all about pulling people in. Getting that attraction feature out there for folks.

Don’t be the Negative Nancy or the Donnie Downer, right!?

You want to be encouraging, offer value, and draw people to you.

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