About Me

Welcome! 🙂 I’m Bobbi…

The one in the wedding dress

About Me

I’m a Business Hoprepreneur and a Backyard Farm Coach

I’ve been in business since 1999. This is my husband John & I in 2012.

My Story…

Bobbi and John Raffin

I only had about $6 left in my checking and Christmas was coming up… In 2007, I was broke and almost homeless. I had just been layed off from my job as a Marketing Director for a local in-home care facility and the unemployment had run out.

There was some snow on the ground that year and it was cold. I had no money to get my kiddos anything so I stood outside in line with rain, hail, and snow at Toys for Tots for three hours.

I remember how most of the recipients were so rude to the people handing out the gifts. They were cut off at two items per child. I heard of more than a few people cussing and yelling at the workers saying how unfair it was to not give more than two gives per kid.

When it was my turn I was so grateful I was almost in tears. I couldn’t stop thanking them. Interestingly enough… They gave me an astounding SIX items for each of my two kiddos!! I walked out with two HUGE bags full of Christmas presents. I was overjoyed so much that I forgot about my toes and lips being numb from standing out in the icy cold for those two hours beforehand.


How I Can Help

If you are struggling you shouldn’t feel alone in this. I offer a few options to get you started on the right path!

Go to the above MENU – Check out the ‘Work With Me’ and the ‘Resources’ pages.

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