Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

I provide the best affiliate marketing options for beginners up to 2K high ticket. One of the easiest and fastest way to earn online is with a Successful Affiliate Marketing method.

Read to the end. I’ve added Updated Information…

I’ve been in the online marketing arena since 2004. I got out of it for a while due to some family issues, but am back at it.

In October of 2022 I was let go from my full-time job of 12 years and 9 months. Wowza! Did that ever hit me like a ton of bricks! I wasn’t prepared to lose my income. If I had been smart I would have work better at being proactive and preparing my own business for a life change like that.

Thank goodness I came up with a plan to start generating income with my businesses.

I was going to create a full training for Affiliate Marketing, but once I started looking through the included training in a few of the programs I’m a part I saw that all of the training you’ll ever need is included in them.

I was like, “Well… Alrighty!” lol 🙂

What I am going to do though is go over each one with you and share the perks and benefits of them.

One of the best things to do right at the Start is Reach Out to me on Facebook and even send me a friend request. You can also comment on one of my posts and that will get you on my radar as I get a lot of friend requests and messages. 🙂

I‘m a part of 3 different ‘100% Commission’ Direct Pay programs (IPS, EZ25Cash and Exitis Elite).

I’ve found that these programs take a lot of work and you need to continuously find new customers/buyers. I’ve put these on hold as far as marketing them for now.

The BEST Affiliate Program for Residual Income!

The Home Business Academy
This Business Building Tool helps you to Create a Business or Scale the ones you may already have.
It’s an Excellent Online Business TOOL that Works for ALL niches.
It’s only $25 and comes with all of the trainings you could ever need to get your business up and going…
And generating a nice solid and recurring income.
80% Commission on All My Affiliate Income Streams!
$25 Product = $20 Commission
$125 Product = $100 Commission
EASY To Use & Comes with Excellent Master Classes at no extra charge.
Testimonials Page!

Automated AI Content Creation

The AUTOMATED Content Creator

The A.I automated content creator will generate HIGH QUALITY and unique content of various forms.

This comes with 80% Commissions!!

Network Marketing Health & Wellness Companies I Love!

Affordable ~ Low Cost ~ High Commissions

How much do you pay for your CBD oil? These products have all of the same certifications, and the quality is as good or an Even Better than our competition that charges 5X as much! Check it out for yourself. You can either be a customer or you can also be an affiliate.

I love the Coffee, CBD, Pet CBD, Organic Super Reds, Ultra Magnesium Complex, Essential Amino Acids, and much more!

Autoships are NOT required here. There’s also no minimal order required.

We also have a Matrix that helps us build our levels for better revenue and team building!

Take The FREE Tour Today!

I Want To Be A Customer ONLY!

This is on the same level of products as MDC with the same earnings potential if not MORE! My Favorite products are: Protandim Tri-Synergizer w/ NRF2 and the TruScience Invigorating Shampoo.

These products have help with pain, mobility and regrowing my hair.

Find More Here


My Favorite and Go to products are the CBD Oil (The BEST I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried them all!), BodyMelt Energy Powder, Shampoo, and Pet CBD.

Take The FREE Tour Today!! MDC also has an Excellent compensation plan.

We have a vast array of really wonderful products here: Nutritional Sprays, Travel, Fuel Factor, Shampoos, CBD Oils, Meal Replacement Shakes, Energy Powders, Liquid Collagen, Cosmetics, Essential Oils and MORE.

This is a Turn-Key Business-In-A-Box and Ready to Go!

Join us in The MDC Opportunity Call Here

Find Out More about Our High Life Travel Program Here

Purchase Products from My Favorites Cart Here

Online Business Mastery

When you purchase any of the Affiliate 100% Commission programs above you qualify for one of my trainings for FREE. Plus, depending on the package you buy you’ll have access to the Online Business Mastery Membership.

$25 = One month of the membership. 2K package = Lifetime membership access.

If you purchase one of the recurring subscriptions with any package you will have access to the Online Business Mastery membership for as long as you remain active with the subscription.

You’ll also receive the Automate Your Prospecting and the FB Affiliate Sales Guide PDF’s.

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