What You Can Expect With the New Facebook Changes for 2018

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Are the changes coming in Facebook trivial or are they a major thing you need to take a look at and be prepared for?

What you can expect with the New Facebook Changes in 2018…

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So this big change may sound scary to a lot of marketers and those trying to grow your business online.

It’s really not though.

Not if you’re doing things the right way at least.

Mid-way in this I’ll be sharing SIX things you need to stay on top of to continue to make great momentum in Facebook even after the changes.

So you need to keep watching or read my blog post for all of this tips.

Don’t worry about Facebook going into the apocalypse syndrome though.

One thing to remember is the Know, Like, and Trust factor.

As long as you are offering VALUE to your audience…

As long as you are growing the RELATIONSHIP with your audience…

As long as you are ENGAGING with your audience…

You will be just fine.

Now Mark Zuckerberg has announced that they are making MAJOR changes to Facebook.

When a major change is announced it will usually be pretty darn big.

He says he’s changing the focus of his team.

It’s being changed from helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.

In attraction marketing we WANT that.

So that’s actually a good thing…

Unless, of course you’re still posting images of your product, your links and basically still being all salesy on Facebook.

Then that won’t be a very good thing for you.

Here are some points to consider:

Point 1: Space on the Facebook news feed is limited.

Point 2: Will show LESS public content INCLUDING videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.

Basically, that covers pages AND folks who are being salesy on their User Wall Timeline.

Point 3: Pages may see their reach, traffic, video watch time decrease.

In the next few months they will be making updates to ranking…

And they actually started this process last year.

It will take some time for the process to make its way through all of our timelines and pages. But we will all see the effect sooner or later.

So this won’t just impact the news feed. It’s going to touch everything.

Some of the first changes we’ll be seeing is in the news feed though.

This is probably a big business decision also.

I see a lot more pages will need to do paid ads on Facebook to get our views and reach out there.

Time to learn Facebook Advertising for sure now!!

By the way – I just happen to have a free little awesome training on Facebook advertising. Let me know if you’d like it.

We will be seeing less video in the news feed and videos will get less watch time.

Also, as has been happening links will get less and less visibility.

Outside links are not liked by Facebook.

Facebook will prioritize posts that spark meaningful interaction and conversations.

So it goes right back to building the relationships and genuine engagement that I talk about all the time.

They will weigh the long comments a lot more than short comments.

Also, comments are much more valuable than just a like.

So if you want these comments you better start giving other people the same courtesy.

They’re thinking that the quote graphics will start to disappear because it’s kind of a passive experience.

* Something else to consider is that the frequency of your posts will not get you the exposure you may be wanting.

They may be shown even less. So if you’re posting a lot, cut back to about maybe 2 to 4 times a day.

* Also, the same algorithms for a Facebook page will also be in place for your personal profile wall timeline.

They are looking for posts that generate meaningful conversations.

They key here though is that it is not just with YOU the person who posts the content.

They are also looking at the conversations that happen between the commenters.

So it’s even important to have the people who are commenting on your posts to comment and have a conversation with each other.

It’s all about getting your fans and friends to start interacting with each other. Now that’s a whole new level, right?

Step One

Scale back the frequency of posts.

Step Two

Create interaction between not only yourself with your audience, but your audiences interaction with each other.

Step Three 

Do LIVE videos.

LIVE videos are the way to go for engagement growth.

Now if you have ‘hickville internet’ like I do you can always try to do a very short LIVE video before it losses connection.

Or you can try and do LIVE Audios. I do those a lot.

Then do quick little LIVE videos when I can for interacting with people and letting people know I did a training, video or LIVE audio or podcast and let them know where they can find it.

Step Four

Learn and begin to call your audience to set your page and your posts as ‘See First’ for following.

People will only be able to see about 30 of their favorites in the news feed.

You need to begin now to have people set you as a Follow and to see first.

Step Five

Do NOT participate in ANY kind of Engagement Baiting!

Now if you say something like comment below IN a LIVE video or audio that should be fine.

It’s LIVE interaction.

But if it’s in a text post or image it will be held and not show to people.

Step Six

Acquire the skill-set of placing good Facebook Ads for your engagement base.

Step Seven

Master the Chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

You’re going to be able to accomplish quite a lot in messenger. This would be such a valuable resource for you.

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