Creating Your Successful Affiliate Marketing Plan

Creating your Successful Affiliate Marketing plan is easier than you may think. It’s a great plan for beginner marketers also.

I was laid off from my from my full-time job of over 12 years in October 2022. So, I really needed to find a way of creating an income. Thankfully, I’ve worked in marketing platforms for quite a while now. So, I picked the best of the best options in both Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing.

These marketing tactics will also work for any business you may have, not just Affiliate and Network Marketing.

One of the best and free ways of marketing your affiliate marketing business in on social media platforms.

Which Platform Should I Use for Marketing?

The main platform I use for this is Facebook, but you can also use Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It won’t work the same as it does on Facebook though.

If you’d like to use other platforms that’s fine, but I highly suggest that you start and grow on Facebook. After you get that down and are bringing in affiliate sales then add one more platform you market on. When you start making sales on that platform then you can add another.

Before You Start Marketing Take an Inventory

Before you start marketing you’ll want to take an inventory of your Facebook profile wall. Some people call this your personal page. It’s not actually a ‘page’ though. Technically, it’s your ‘Profile Wall and Timeline’.

Step 1: Profile Picture

Make sure you have a clear picture of yourself up. If you wear glasses you don’t want a glare on them. Smile in your picture. Make sure you look approachable and kindness helps. Be yourself above all though.

Step 2: Cover Image

Either create or hire someone to create a nice professional image for your Facebook cover. You want something that will spark curiosity and entice people to reach out to you.

Step 3: Posting Schedule

Monday: Value/Story

Tuesday: Call to Action

Wednesday: Engagement

Thursday: Live Stream

Friday: Value/Story

Saturday: Lifestyle

Sunday: Engagement

Daily: Stories and Reels

Step 4: Interaction Requirements

Start this process at around 4 am pst – 7 am est. I know this is really early for most people. Especially, those of us on the West Coast in pacific standard time. Get as close to the time as possible.

Go down your Facebook Home page timeline. Comment and heart on your friends posts for an hour.

Then put your post up on your FB Wall.

After you’ve posted go back to your FB Home page and comment and heart your friends posts for another hour.

If you start getting comments during the second round of interacting with your friends post go ahead and respond to each comment you receive on your post.

Do that for at least the first 25 to 50 comments.

You may not get that many comments at first when you’re first starting this new process. If you’re already getting that many comments then you will most likely get double that.

It’s free and I only ask that you optin to my email list to get it.

If you’d like some Great Options to get into Affiliate Marketing you can check some of the ones out that I really love. They are all verifiable and legit programs. And They Work!

Find out more on my Affiliate Marketing for Beginners page.

Find out more on my Network Marketing for Beginners page. (Coming Soon)

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