Day 2 of The 5 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge – Video Series

Day 1 of The 5 Day FB LIVE Challenge

5 Day Facebook LIVE Video Challenge Series

This is our Day 2 of The 5 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge – Video Series with training in Attraction Marketing.

I periodically will hold either a 5 Day FB LIVE Challenge or a 5 Day Marketing Challenge in my free Facebook group – Thriving Success & Duplication

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Even if it is during a time slot I’m not actively doing either challenge you can still go to each day’s mini-training and do the challenge on your own. 

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In fact, I highly encourage that you do.

Today we’re going to be I’m going to be sneaking in some ninja tricks.

How to increase engagement while going LIVE

The topic for today is actually giving VALUE through TIP videos.

Which is really going to take your business to the next level.



I’ve given you access to The Science of Getting Rich.  

The reason why is it that everything that you have ever needed to know on how to build your business and the mindset and psychology around it 

So I do encourage you to read it. It’s a Free GIFT in Thriving Success & Duplication.

One part of that book is something I want to bring here today.

The ‘Use’ value needs to be much more than cash value.

You have to outweigh the cash value that someone gives to you. At least the very best YOU can give at the moment you are in.

People follow leaders. Leaders provide value.

 Then the cost or payment they give you should not come close to the cost of VALUE you are giving another person. No one actually really cares about just the physical products or your company.

People follow the leader – not the follower or the flounder. They’re looking for answers.

People are looking for the Person who will be their go-to person. The person that will stand out no matter how they may look to others while doing it.

Don’t be worried on looking silly or failing.

If you’re going to fail – Fail Forward.

Be more interested in helping others.

That a psychological thing that is all built into us as human beings right from the Stone Age and all the way up until now.

We Still have that wanting to follow leader. When there’s a group of people together that usually there is one to emerge as the go-to Leader. There’s like charisma around them or something.

Your job as a Network Marketer is to create more Use value around what you do than the cash value that people actually pay you.

That’s with whatever you do and then they won’t feel like you’re just selling kit because anyone can buy a kit from anyone.

You will get so much more further and you will become a leader and a top earner in this industry from that simple fact.

You want to turn yourself into the go-to person For whatever your Target market is.

For example, if you want to Brand yourself around health and wellness then you need to give tips around Health and Wellness.

Not just Tips on how to sell your product.

It really needs to be a larger bigger picture because your business is here for the long-term.

You need long term vision – Not just Selling something right then and there.

Its more of how are you going to get people to buy from you time and time and time again.

You Become THE Go-to Person.

This can be in anything from the health and wellness industry to the travel industry.

Yes – You need to be the go-to person, but you do NOT need to know Everything.

You just have to know a little bit more than the people around you!

And THAT is being enough of an expert to help you become the go to person. Trust me on this. Just a little more than the next person.

All I need is to know just a little bit and I can tell you from experience where I’ve learned something and implemented it. Then I teach it.

Being the go to person is going to provide more useful value than cash value.

Start branding yourself in a certain way. If not, you’re going to confuse your audience.

Grow your business from the standpoint of getting more Business Builders.

Then Implement what you learned.  so that you get results and then you teach it.

Learn, Implement, Teach.


Hope this has helped you!

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Have a Beautiful Day…
~ Bobbi






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