Day 3 of The 5 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge – Video Series

Day 3 of The 5 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge

The 5 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge

This is our Day 3 of The 5 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge – Video Series with training in Attraction Marketing.

I periodically will hold either a 5 Day FB LIVE Challenge or a 5 Day Marketing Challenge in my free Facebook group – Thriving Success & Duplication

You do need to be a part of this FB group to take part in these challenges. Please feel free to join us!

Even if it is during a time slot I’m not actively doing either challenge you can still go to each day’s mini-training and do the challenge on your own. 

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Today we’ll talk about do a Vulnerability Post coming from a lifestyle standpoint, and you’ll get your topic for today.

Also – why your mind from a marketing standpoint needs to become elastic in your thinking

The first day we talked about formatting of how to do a LIVE, the importance of why motivation and inspiration will get you a huge fan base which is engagement, the second day we talked about providing value and that it’s so important to be the go-to person.

Online you want to create more ‘USE’ value than the real cost value that someone is giving you. Even if it’s their time.

They could be giving you money, they could be spending time with you on your LIVE, and UNLESS you offer a ton of value that will help them improve their business or life or help them in some way you’re going to struggle.

Nothing is just a cost for cost exchange. 

For example: why do you sometimes buy the more expensive item over the generic? Probably because you feel you’ll get better quality.

So it’s the same here. You need to give that awesome quality for your audience and marketing online.

You need to offer more use value than cost value.

Today’s topic is about the Story and Vulnerability video.

Also, on the Practical Standpoint with different levels of going live.

1st stage is holding the phone out like you’re doing a selfie. 

2nd stage is using a tripod like I’m using now for greater stability.

3rd is using your laptop and using certain software programs.

4th is having a dedicated studio where you’re really getting good videos with professional lighting and sound.

Right now we are just working in the Stage 1 and 2 levels. 😊

You want to come from a standpoint of where others can follow you….AND where they WANT to follow you.

They need to first feel they can duplicate what you’re doing and then they need to want to.

So you’re audience may NOT want to make that list of 100 of their friends and family or approach strangers or make salesy posts.

If they can’t see themselves doing what you’re doing they won’t buy from you or join your opportunity.

You need to think about what your customer or prospect is thinking.

That’s why if you go out while just living your life and do a little video and show that you’re a real person and do real life stuff will help those people relate to you.

People will think… so they’re doing a video and making money while their with their family?? Um… okay. I can do THAT! Ya!

People want to learn about your life.

The key to this is when you are vulnerable or honest or with a lifestyle post – you need to tell in a story.

Facts tell – Stories sell

From an emotional standpoint people relate when you create some kind of an emotion. Think about those commercials that make you cry.

Entertained people want to find the humor or feel light-hearted.

Educated people want that ‘Ah-ha’ moment.

Inspired people want the ‘YA! Lets do this!!’ feeling.

And the lifestyle video is really about the Entertainment aspect.

You need to start thinking like a marketer. I urge you to change your mindset a bit to a growth mindset.

Like if you went through a struggle thinking I’m going to get through this and then going to … look how much I grew from that.

This is going back to the Know, Like, and Trust factor.

IF you are always in your little bubble or if you afraid to go LIVE – then you are short-changing yourself.

Because you are actually a step or two further than so many other people who need to see your leadership. 

All you need is to know just a tad-bit more than the other person. They want to know that extra bit you know. You’re learning some of this now!

Invest in yourself, learn, implement or take action of what you’ve learned and then TEACH it to others.

People are looking for guidance on how to do this stuff right.

There’s a psychology standpoint and a marketing standpoint that we need to get our minds around. Not just clicking that Go LIVE button.

Otherwise, you are going to be chasing people forever and it will drain your time, emotions and energy!

It’s just not worth it unless you have those who are coachable, pliable, and action takers.

Find the people who are willing to take the little steps and grow from there.

And if you are ready to take that little step – that’s okay too… but then how do you expect other people to follow you, buy from you, and join your team? 

Today’s Topic – Vulnerability or Lifestyle Video

For those introverted (like me), it just takes a lot of energy to put yourself out there.

So I need to do LIVES when I’m mentally prepared. Or I walk around the house to get my energy up and I have my notes. I always have my notes, because that’s who I am. 

Bring your energy level up and just go for it. No one ever starts out awesome.

Bring your energy level up and just go for it. No one ever starts out totally awesome sauce! Click To Tweet

One thing to remember… If you are in business or ministry it is not about you… It never has been and it never will be. You MUST make it about the other person who needs you.

This is about the Know, Like and Trust factor.

In Attraction Marketing it's all about the Know, Like and Trust factor! Click To Tweet

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

So today share where you went from point A to point B and a bit on how you did that.

Also – if you don’t like, share and comment on other people’s posts and LIVES how do you expect other people to like, share, and comment on yours? Be generous. 


Hope this has helped you!

If it has, please Share this & Comment below.  🙂 

I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. 

Have a Beautiful Day…
~ Bobbi






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