I Finally Get Why It’s Spring Cleaning and Not Winter Cleaning!

Yes – Spring Cleaning. Can You Believe it?

I do believe I finally get why it’s Spring Cleaning…

For years I  wondered why people didn’t do that deep cleaning in the Summer or Winter. 

I get it now. I finally get it.

Yep – I’m a bit slow. LOL! Let me tell you WHY I was a bit slow.

OREGON. That’s why.

It begins either in September or October. It gets cloudy or rainy or both. Then Winter sets in and it gets really cold. 

Now wait a second… I understand that it’s not as cold as some places, like Montana, in the Winter. My plight is my plight. Ya know? 

Then February hits and I start thinking that Spring will come around the corner anytime. 

Yes. In February. I have a reason for that though.

When I was pregnant with my daughter it got so hot that year and it began in February. It was wonderful and lovely. I even put a garden in that February. Pregnant and all. I rototilled and planted it all. It really turned out awesome to.

So every year since then my hopes are up for an early Spring. My hopes are soon smashed with the weight of the ever-looming clouds.

This year in particular the clouds have lingered for far too long. It’s the end of April and today is the first day we have had any kind of true blue sky and Sunshine.

It has rained with cold, gloomy and clouds for months and months and months! 

I literally felt like screaming with absolutely no energy.

Yes – I’ve even been taking a ton of Vitamin D. That seasonal depression thing can also come in the form of sapping your entire energy level I do believe.

Now on this beautifully sunny day I am bursting with energy. 

This is why I WANT to Spring Clean.

The SPRING is back in my step. The new-found energy is bursting from my very being.

Now I know Spring Cleaning is because of the burst of this beautiful Energy and Vitality we feel from the sunshine.

Ahhh… I go outside and thank my Sweet Jesus for this day.

I am curious though.

Maybe you’re an Autumn person? 

If you are, do you feel energetic like I do with my lovely sunshine when your leaves begin to fall?

Or do you more accept the falling leaves and cooler temps? Do you look forward to warm sweaters and more relaxed times?

I enjoy those days also.

Oh my though…the days of sweet Spring and those warm Summer nights.

My garden is so lacking right now. Hopefully the late Spring will bring with it a long or lingering Summer. That will give my little garden time to grow and bring in a wonderlicious harvest.

So today I begin Spring Cleaning. Not just Spring Cleaning though. I will also be getting out into this lovely and so need sunshine before it’s gone. I’m praying for warm weather. Yes – I pray for the weather. Our farmers need it.

The crops are drowning and are in real need of warmth. Even my little garden. That provides a lot of food for us in the Spring and Summer months. 

It hasn’t provided anything yet this year. 

So today I’m also planting the baby pumkins, cucumbers, and zuccini I have in the greenhouse out to the garden. I had planted some things earlier, but the continued rain and cold wiped them out. So I have to start over.

They were doing great in the greenhouse so I’m a little sad I planted them before it was time. The timing is in the season, right? Not in the actual date.

So we are to plant the seed in the right season and in the right season the harvest will come in. 

But first… Spring Cleaning.