First Principle – Chapter 4 – Video Series

The Science of Getting Rich - The Right To Be Rich

A Study of The Science of Getting Rich

Today we’re taking a look at the First Principle in Chapter 4. 


Today we are going to discuss the First Principle of The Science of Getting Rich in Chapter 4.

Is There Enough to Go Around?

There will always be room at the top & More is Always Being Generated!

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I’m coming from a Christian view-point on this, but even if you are not Christian the principles will still apply because it’s universe based.

And yes – I’m a note reader. When I don’t have my notes, I can totally ramble and forget what I intended on saying.

This is totally Duplicatable

Okay so this chapter may be the hardest for a Christian to put their thoughts around. Which is interesting as this chapter is pretty much based on thoughts.

It sounds like new age stuff, but if you have really thought about how God has created the universe and all of His creation to function then it will make more sense.

It’s based on that everything begins with a thought.

On a logical standpoint that is absolute and exactly true. Nothing happens nor is created or generated without first the thought of it.

Right? Yes, of course.

Now, it doesn’t mean that just because you think of something such as if you’re wanting ice cream and if you think of it enough a hot fudge sundae will magically appear in your hand.

No. That’s not at all logic and is not how things operate.

Not at all.

We are all regulated by the same universal laws.

Again, even if you don’t believe in God.

There is still gravity. Gravity is a law that has been placed on earth. It has been put on this planet, unlike the moon, for our protection and survival.

Another law of our world is the thought process.

The thought within us is very powerful.

So, think about what you are needing. How is it going to feel once you have it?

Focus on THAT feeling, not the one you have without it.

Be sure to focus on the good feeling, the good thoughts, and experience you will have once you have it like you already do have it.

Just like I did when I applied for my job.

Why do you want it? What will you do with it?

It’s always best to have noble motives for whatever you are wanting.

Will you be generous with what you receive?

This will apply to finances and it will also apply to relationships.

If you’re not married think about the kind of person you want to marry.

Well, on the other hand you need to be the kind of person they will want also.

So, then you will need to realize that you will need to begin thinking of changing in areas that the other person will need you to be more like.

There is always a Certain Way of doing things.

Also, if you are not fully grown emotionally then you will more than likely attract those who also are not fully mature or kind or whatever the case may be.

It all begins with thoughts.

What do we think? What comes to be in our life? Are they similar?

Most likely they are.

So, if we want things to improve in our life we first need to better align our thoughts to the positive of what we want. Not what we don’t want.

There are certain ways to function.

If you’ve spent a lifetime thinking bad things about yourself or about your life… Practice doing the opposite now.

Write positive & awesome things down about you, about your family, work or a business, about your finances.

Even if it’s not so right now. Do it anyway.

Now every morning read what you wrote and speak it out loud.

YOU are Favored and Highly Blessed.

I hope you’ve found value in this. If you did please let me know below in the comments. If you feel anyone you know may be helped by this please feel free to share this.

I believe in you. Believe in yourself.

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