Bobbi Raffin 14 Day Challenge

Free 14 Day Content Creation Challenge Begins…

The free 14 Day Content Creation Challenge begins on May1st and You are invited.

Now, I haven’t held a training or a challenge in years so this will be a practice run. 🙂 I’ll be doing the best I can though. lol

If you register for this free challenge you’ll receive three Top Notch bonus downloads you can use and keep.

These free bonus PDF’s will help you generate ideas for what and when to post, hooks that will catch the eye and attention of your targeted audience, and will capture leads for your business.

When registered for this challenge…

You Will Receive

  • The Basic of content creation
  • How to get started
  • Topic ideas
  • How to repurpose your content at multiple platforms
  • How to use your content to generate leads and sales
  • Accountability & support in the Facebook group
  • Syndication (juice posting) your content in the Facebook group
  • 173 Content Ideas to Reuses downloadable PDF
  • Calls to Action downloadable PDF
  • Social Media Hooks downloadable PDF
  • 14 days of content prompts in the format of: daily posting reminders in the Facebook group, by email and in a downloadable PDF
  • Daily Facebook LIVES to go over content
  • Training videos
Bobbi Raffin 14 Day Challenge

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