What Is Good Content That Offers VALUE? – Podcast

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What is Good Content That offers Value? – Podcast

I thought I’d go over a bit on the interview with Justice Eagan today.

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What Is Good Content That Offers VALUE?

We see the word ‘VALUE’ get tossed all over the place these days. I do this also.

Justin says he feels like people are losing sight of what it really means. I totally agree with that!

Some think it just means giving something away for free. Which makes me think of all those samples I used to send out.

Erin Burch talked about just that the other day. She still has a ton of that stuff.

Honestly, sending out samples is just a waste of time.

IF you think about it there are enough people on Facebook alone that post about their business if you were to hit them all up about a product sample you’d be able to keep in stock for a long time.

Now don’t do that. I’m just making a point…

So I just want to go over some of Justin’s interview training with you…

Providing value really starts with you intentions. So if you position yourself for the long haul, in a way that’s driven by impact and solving problems first rather than seeing the internet and those on it as just being the drive-up to your cash register…

Then people, the eyes that come your way or the people who finds you will gravitate around your campfire, so to speak.

You really need to have a persons, your audiences, best interest in mind.

They need to feel that being around you and listening to you will help them in some way, will teach them something, and help shape what they are wanting in their life and business.

When you’re positioned that way – the credit card comes out ten times faster and more often. You need to provide a higher Use Value than the value they’re pulling from their wallets for you.

You’ll hear this said a lot. It’s the Know, Like & Trust Factor. Or the know LOVE and trust factor. It’s that appreciation factor in full circle.

That’s just like I have for my Mentor and Friend, Jen Sullivan. She’s the only one that I reached out to that offered any kind of continued friendship or help. She’s fantastic.

I was actually on the phone with her today in fact.

She’s got another Challenge going and she’s opened moderation to me.

So… if you want to be a part of the ‘LIVE Challenge QUEEN’S’ 5 day challenge – drop a 5 below.

I’ll reach out to you with the information.

Talk about Value! Wooo! Does she ever give value. You want to be a part of that.

You need to start the focus on your attention to build your audience, engagement and that Know, Like and Trust Factor.

This 5 day challenge can really provide the pin-pointed focus we all need to get on the right track with all this.

If you want in drop a 5 below and I’ll get you the info.

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