Hair Loss In Women Is Real

Hair Lost In Women Is Real and It SUCKS!

Hair loss in women is real and happens far more than I ever realized. Until it happened to me. Here’s a bit of a background of how it started.

I got really sick back in 2013 and couldn’t get out of bed much longer than a few minutes for about two weeks.

That was a horrible time and it was pretty close having just been married. 

John and I married April 28th of 2012. 

I had more fibroid tumors in my uterus than they could count and a few were really large. They were benign, thank you Jesus, but were still brutal.

I had a procedure done to burn them out. They got most of them, but couldn’t get all of the really big one. 

After that procedure I was better, but never the same again.

Before the tumors I was very active and strong. I’d go on hikes, garden, camp, fish and my home was spotless. 

Now, I could hardly get to church and if that. My husband had to take over grocery shopping, house cleaning and a lot of the decision making in our new little family.

The tumors caused many issues in our marriage and family life and it killed my self-confidence.

It swelled my stomach so big that I looked pregnant and had to wear my husband’s pants. I was huge.

This issue prevented me from moving around and halted all activity. I went from being thin to overweight from a lack of activity in about 6 months.

Then my hair started falling out. I found out this was a result of how the tumors attacked my body. 

My ligaments and joints weren’t the only victims. My hair was also.

I had always gotten compliments on my hair. I had never thought it was anything special. It was just different.

My hair started turning white, or platinum as my husband calls it, at 30 years old. I had one long platinum strip and then it gradually all turned white. 

Ladies would come up to me in stores and ask me what hair coloring I used. It was that crazy. Lol 

They’d look shocked when I told them it was natural. Apparently, it runs in my family on my Dad’s side.

It was a huge blow to my self-confidence when all in a short six month span I looked pregnant, lost my ability to move around, gained about 30 pounds, and then began losing my hair in the handfuls.

Frankly, with all of the hair I was losing I was surprised that I wasn’t completely bald.

I Went On A Search

There’s always a better way. It’s just a matter of if we have enough willpower to get there. Or if we are just going to give up and give in.

I sure wasn’t anywhere at the point of giving in. Not even close! 

I was raised in the country on the side of a mountain and have a long line of home remedies in my family lineage. 

My Grandparents had both passed by the time my research started. Mom, who was still alive at the time, couldn’t remember any of them. I usually called on her for the things I couldn’t remember. 

That led me to Google. “The Google people know everything.” Lol That’s a little joke that my husband John and I have.

I began looking up old time remedies and home remedies for hair loss in women. 

Some I recognized and got some ‘ah ha’ moments. While others I was pretty thrilled to find. 

I realized I was missing ingredients or even a main product that could help.

This search led me to some amazing products and options.

Way back in 2004 I was in network marketing. I did okay with it, but had to quit due to some family and personal issues I was dealing with. 

So, I decided to look for products that were in network marketing. 

My mentality behind that was if I had to buy the products anyway for my well-being I may as well get the best I can find and have the ability to make money off of them also.

I’ve found so many wonderful products that really work and are all network marketing products.

During this search, I’ve tried a few different companies. I didn’t want to just use the first I tried. I wanted to make sure I was actually truly using the best. 

That led me to the best essential oil, cbd and supplement companies and products out there. 

I’m so honored to be able to share with you what’s worked for me. I feel so blessed that God took me on this journey to not only help me, but to help you also.

Full Disclosure… I am sharing my affiliate links to the products I use. If you purchase through those links you’re purchasing through me. If so, thank you. This helps my small family business and helps me provide for my family.

Lavender Shampoo

The first product I used for my hair was Lavender Volume Shampoo. This is with my essential oil company and I still love this shampoo.

I’ve found that using three different shampoos is vital to the health of my hair. I’m able to use one shampoo for a three month interval. For the most part at least. Stay with me. I’ll explain the process in a bit. 🙂 

If you’re just wanting volume in your hair then this is the shampoo for you. I love it.

Then I started using CBD Oil. 


Again, I tried many different brands locally and online, plus several network marketing CBD oils. The one that I have found to remain true and continues to work for me is the Full Spectrum CBD Oil – (1500mg) and I love the Cinnamon flavor. There are multiple strength levels and flavors available.

This is when I realized CBD helped me with the pain and inflammation I was experiencing. Only after a few months did I notice that I was starting to grow a little bit of hair. 

Original Formula Shampoo

Then I tried their shampoo as I was told this helps with hair loss in women. I began using the Original Formula Shampoo and I began seeing even more results. My hair was growing in and getting even thicker.

By this time, I was getting pretty happy. I thought that was as good as it could get. I was wrong! 

A friend, on Facebook, shared two other products with me. I love them both immensely. I haven’t ordered the patches in a while though. That’s just because when I first started I ordered a ton of stuff and still have a nice supply.

I still use them though every now and then.

They are the X39 Patches, TrueScience Invigorating Shampoo, and the Protandim Tri-Synergizer pack. 


Okay, let’s start with the X39 Patches. WowZa! 

Were these a Life-Saver for the pain and chronic exhaustion I was experiencing. That’s another subject though. 

After a few months I began noticing my roots were turning a little darker. Having white hair with no root coloring makes it really easy to see when new hair growth is happening. Especially, when the roots are coming in darker.

Synergizer Pack

I was in desperate need of help with my joints when my friend shared the Protandim Tri-Synergizer pack with me.

This helped more than I had expected. I was told it also helps with hot flashes. Unfortunately, it didn’t help with mine or with sleep. 

It did help with the joint pain, but again that’s for another subject and time. 

Invigorating Shampoo

This led me to find the TrueScience Invigorating Shampoo for hair loss in women though.

After using this shampoo for three months I saw the fast growth and darkest roots. My hair began growing at a faster rate than before. 

The overall coloring of my roots and undergrowth was darker. That’s not saying I love ‘dark roots’. This means that my hair is beginning to become more ‘alive’. 

My Experimentation

After I found so many products I decided to test some results and to see if I could find the ‘Sweet Spot’, so to speak, for both growth, life, and volume. I even found something that makes it shiny and sleek.

Then I stopped using all of the products and then started using just one at a time.

Lavender Volume Shampoo

My hair fluffs up and smells lovely. It’s smooth yet full. The growth seems to stop though and I begin to experience fall-out again. Great for volume and you’ll find the BEST essential oils here! 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil – (1500mg)

This helps overall with the continuance of hair growth. When using this alone my hair stopped growing at the rate it was. When using this with the last shampoo I tried, it scored the absolute BEST Results!

It also is amazing with pain levels and getting up and going. I apply it to bruising and cuts and I love the results. It also helps my gut. More on all of this at a later time.

They offer multiple strength levels and flavors.

Original Formula Shampoo

This shampoo is with the same company I get my CBD oil from. It’s awesome!! It adds not only volume to my hair, but it also has helped it begin the growth process. If searching for this shampoo just go to above link and search for the ‘Original Formula Shampoo’.

I’ve noticed less fall-out also. 

Protandim Tri-Synergizer Pack

I love this stuff. Truly I do. No, it didn’t help with my hot flashes (it did for other women though), but it sure helped with some other issues I have. 

Using this alone helped a ton with my energy levels and pain levels. It didn’t take it all away, but it helped so much. 

I also found that my hair totally stopped falling out while using this product. I’m only speaking from my personal experience with this. It didn’t seem to grow much though.

X39 Patches

I really love these patches. My hair visibly had new growth with this. These patches help with so many things. Needing to pause my use due to the testing my doctor’s doing I’ve held off on reordering for now. I have a good supply still and plan on using these as soon as the testing is completed.

There are different patches with this company that are all pretty amazing. The Avida combo (patches, night and morning skin cream) is absolutely amazing for fine lines, pores, and overall appearance.

TrueScience Invigorating Shampoo

This shampoo is the bomb-diggity-dot-com for hair! Let me tell ya!

Using this product alone I found that I lost a little, but not even close to the patches I was before. Just a few strands this week or in the next three weeks. Not much at all. 

The main thing I noticed was the new growth. 

Okay, wait… The first thing I did see was fall-out. That scared me and I thought I was back to where I started, but it was actually preparing my scalp for a lot of growth.

After about three months my hair began a new growth process that brought in a lot of darker roots and accelerated hair growth in length also.

This product makes the hair silky smooth. 

Scattered Findings

You may have been hoping for a very concrete finding. “Just tell me which ONE to use.” Ya. I totally get that. 

It’s really hard to suggest just one as they have all helped this hair growth process for me and I honestly love them all. I don’t use products that I find don’t work.

Bullet Points That May Help

My Personal FAVORITE Combo

My favorite combination of products to use for the max results in volume, fall-out stop and growth are using pretty much most of these products, but at different times.

I needed to stop taking the Protandim Tri-Synergizer Pack while my doctor tests me and makes sure I can have it with the medication I’m newly taking. They think I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and need to see the results of just the medication before I can start taking the ‘tri pack’ again. 

I can’t wait though, because that will be an immense benefit to my overall health. If you need some assistance with your health and wellness that may be something to look into.

I now use the three shampoos. Yes, three shampoos. Hear me out. 🙂 

I’ll use the Lavender one day. Then I’ll use the Original for 3 days. I’ll use TruScience for 5 days. Then I’ll ‘Rinse and Repeat’. 

I love the results I’m getting. 

Now, most of you will only want to use one shampoo. This is FINE. You may see one of those I listed and get an instant “I need that!”. Or you may think like myself and want to try, test and see which works best for you.

There’s no right or wrong way here. I just hope you find the right one for you.  

If you do purchase a product that I’ve listed you’ll be purchasing under me. That means that I’ll receive a commission. Just like the person did that I ordered under. 

If so, Thank You. That helps support my small family owned business and helps my family pay our bills. 

If not, no worries at all. I hope that you find the perfect product that will truly help you. 

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