Increasing Life – Chapter 5 – The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich - The Right To Be Rich

Have You Wanted a Way of Increasing Life In General?

The Science of Getting Rich was written back in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles.

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FIRST of all, if you think God wants you to stay poor, you MUST stop that way of thinking… God doesn’t want you to live in poverty. Far from it.

You most likely will not fulfill your purpose in God by remaining in poverty – IF you’re there now.

Please know that poverty, as being rich, can translate to many areas of your life – not just money.

It can be a poverty or lack surrounding your emotions. Where you may live in a more depressed or sad state than in the fullness of Joy or Happiness.

It could mean that you feel you’ll never have enough so you go on buying sprees and store up or hoard items in your home.

So, when I mention poverty, or as I’ve mentioned in previous videos on this book about ‘Rich’, please allow it to translate in your thinking to the area in which you are needing.

The intellect needs to continually grow to increase ones life as it is an intelligent Substance. Anything living is a continually growing substance up to its death.

 Some, when not continually growing or expanding, will prematurely pass away.

This can be due to heart break, giving up on life, giving up on ones-self, or deciding that nothing better will happen.

 You need to be continually fed and nurtured… Just as a plant.

 “Being   a   consciously   living   substance,   It   must   have   the   nature   and  inherent   desire   of   every   living   intelligence   for   increase   of   life.   Every   living   thing   must   continually   seek  for   the   enlargement   of   its   life,   because   life,   in   the   mere   act   of   living,   must   increase   itself. 

 A   seed,   dropped   into   the   ground,   springs   into   activity,   and   in   the   act   of   living   produces   a   hundred  more   seeds;   life,   by   living,   multiplies   itself.   It   is   forever   Becoming   More;   it   must   do   so,   if   it   continues  to   be   at   all.”

 Our intelligence is within the same need for continuous increase. Or we go stale or stagnant. We can absolutely continue to grow our knowledge and intelligence.

 It ALL comes down to what we believe.

 Every thought we have will REQUIRE another thought. Think about that! Lol

 “Every thought we think makes it necessary for us to think another   thought;  consciousness is continually expanding.   Every fact we learn leads us to the learning of another fact;   knowledge is continually increasing.   Every talent we cultivate brings to the mind the desire to cultivate another talent;   we are subject to the urge of life, seeking expression, which ever drives us on to know more, to do more, and to BE MORE.”

 Mr. Wattles teaches us that in order to know more, do more, and be more we must have more in order to be able to make use of what we need to know or learn more, to be able to do more things, and to be more in life.

 In order to have more for all of that it requires us to have a financial backing for those capabilities.

 The thing that makes us to want to have more in general and more money is the same thing that makes a plant grow.

 It’s actual life itself that seeks fuller and more abundant expression.

 As I mentioned, in a previous chapter, Christ came to give us life more abundant – to overflowing. When something overflows it saturates all that’s around it.

 God wants you to have more so He can express Himself to others through you… Whether it be to the poor, the hurting, and all in different ways.

 He can show more in you if you have more of a command on life.

 The key, though, is that you want ‘real’ life. Not just to please a carnal or selfish desire.

 Remember also, that extreme martyrdom isn’t nobler than extreme selfishness. Neither helps another.

 Not that we see much martyrdom in our society any more. We see much more entitlement – which isn’t good.

 God wants you to make the most of yourself – for not only yourself, but for others as well.

 We must get completely out of the hold of competition with others. I’m not talking about in a healthy – sport like mentality.

 We are to create our own – not want to take from another.

 You are not to covet or be jealous of another person or their things.

 You are to become a creator of the betterment of your life. Not beg from others.

 Usually those who are selfish and have created their gain on the expense of others will see it all fall. The same power that produced them will also dispose of them.

 In order to attain more you must do so in a scientific and certain way.

 You must never think that the supply is limited and only accessible to a lucky few.

My Creator & Provider is bigger than that.

 The very moment you allow yourself to think and believe that the supply is limited and all the money or blessings are controlled by others is the moment you drop into that competitive or jealous type of mind, and your power to create for your life is gone…

 And even worse…YOU Stop the flow of what you’ve already began.

 At least while you remain in that mindset. Get out of that mindset and think differently for good.

 Honestly – there is plenty of money in the world. It is a continuous source.

 Believe and KNOW you will have enough.

 More than enough.

 Don’t look at your surroundings or what you can see in the visible with your eyes.

 INSTEAD… Look with eyes of FAITH. Think upon the things you need and want as though they were ALREADY here. Imagine and try to FEEL the emotions you’ll have.

 Just allow yourself the joy of feeling that. Don’t EVER let it go.

Remember, NO ONE who already has what you are looking for can possibly corner the supply or hold it back from you!

 NO one can take what is ALREADY yours…

Now – Listen – if you entertain the thought, “it was never mine and it never will be”. Then you’ve already decided the outcome and it WILL happen that way. STOP THAT!

Think and believe and have faith for what is needed and for what you want as though it already was. This is truly a powerful thought creation process.

 I’ve gone through this and God has brought me into brighter areas many times in my life. He always come through for us. Something to remember – if we are bitter we won’t see it or feel it.

 The thought process and change can be draining at first, but you can make this a positive habit. Just keep moving forward.

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 I highly suggest you start a gratitude journal. Not a wish or a want journal, but write out the things you want as being so – be thankful as though you already have them. That is called Faith my friends.

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