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Energized Morning Routine

Who needs to get motivated and get things done in your day?

Here’s my energizing morning routine that always gets not only my body going, but my attitude and emotions aligned with my goals and purpose.

Who is ready for that? Let me know below… 😊

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Bobbi Raffin and I’m coming to you from Oregon. You can also find me at and Thriving Success & Duplication.

What I do is help people realize their full potential and to live in thriving abundance, not just survive. I can help you build a business online and part-time, while creating residual income.

Okay – so what’s your morning routine? Do you have one?

Morning routines are probably the most important routine of your day because it’s going to start the momentum to the entire rest of your day.

So you really want to start it off with healthy habits and things that will help your outlook and motivation.

You’ll, of course, want to pick a routine that will work best for you personally, but I wanted to share what I’m doing and the things I’m beginning to do for that increase in my life and business.

I wake up at 5 am every morning.

Now some of this I was inspired to start by my Mentor & Friend Robert Hollis…

Right after I wake up I drink as much water as I can. After being asleep for so long your body needs to be rehydrated and that’s really good for you.

I’m very fortunate that my husband brings me coffee in bed on most every morning. So I enjoy some hot coffee and then I do some situps.

I do this not only for my waistline, but also for my lower back. I’ve been having some issues with it and that kind of exercise strengthens it.

I walk on our treadmill most every day also, but I do that in the afternoon. Although, I hear if you want to lose weight you should do the exercise at about 9 am.

I’ll have to start trying that.

While I’m doing my situps I pray… I thank God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for all I’m grateful for – or at least what comes to my heart and mind at that moment.

Things like, “Thank You Lord for my children and their health and their hearts being directed to knowing and loving you. Thank you for my husband and the love and bond that will never break between us. Thank you for my business increase and our finances increasing daily.”

I thank God for what I see and believe in my heart. Even if it may not be in my surroundings at the moment. I thank Him for it as though it was already in place.

That’s my faith and it even aligns with the book I’ve been going over The Science of Getting Rich. The fundamentals of how things work in our universe is the same.

If you’d like to take a look at it drop a Me below and I’ll get you a free copy.

I then go listen to something inspirational for about 10 minutes, like a devotional or an audio Bible version. I love reading the Word, but I also love listening to it. You can get it on your phone with the Daily Bible app.

Then while I’m writing something out for either my book review, a LIVE, a Podcast, or some other kind of training I do I’ll listen to a business development training – like with Robert Hollis or within my Marketing Training system.

In fact, the Kick Off party for the Virtual Summit starts TONIGHT on my birthday. If you want to join me there just let me know… I’ll post the registration info below for you. How’s that?

It will be everyday til the 16th… So about 40 hours with 40 of the Top marketing leaders out there.

We also do a free Webinar every Wednesday if you want in on that.

Then there’s our free group on FB, Thriving Success & Duplication. I have GIFTS for you in there too. 😊

So after I listen for about 10 minutes each of the inspiration and then training I’m creating content of some sort. It’s either a LIVE (although they’re a lot more seldom as it’s sometimes impossible to go LIVE in the area I’m in), or I’m creating a video, blog post, presentation training or a podcast, or going over a book.

I start work at 7 am so I need to get a lot done before work. In between work, on my breaks, I network with people on Facebook. I always try to make new connections, add friends and invite folks to my free group so they can get their gift also.

The morning is what gets my momentum going and keeping it strong all day. The main key there is the attitude you first wake up with.

It needs to be ‘I’M ALIVE!! And I’m not wasting this day!’


Hope this has helped you!

If it has, please Share this & Comment below.  🙂 

I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. 

Have a Beautiful Day…
~ Bobbi






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