My WHY for Starting with Young Living

My WHY – for Wellness, Family, and Business

My WHY’s for Young Living are very personal to me. As your ‘whys’ will be very personal to you.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

My WHYs are:

  • My wellness goals and a change in lifestyle.
  • My families wellness and teaching them about the change in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Financial Freedom and having my own time.
  • I want to pay my home off.
  • To put a fence around our home so I don’t have to stay outside with the dogs every single time they need to go out.
  • To buy an RV for my family so we are mobile and camp where we want at any time we want.
  • To buy a boat we can fit ourselves, our teens, and our pups. To fish or just hang out on the water.
  • To help my teens buy their first car.
  • Ohhh My… COLLEGE! Yikes!

Some of this I didn’t mention in this video. I may redo at some point, but the main thing is that I did it! 🙂 

No Fear – Just Do!

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