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The Good Parts Challenge and Our Content Challenge Coming Up

We’ll be diving into the Good Parts Challenge and our Content Challenge that’s coming up.

I was talking with my group in The Hopepreneurs Hub a while back about starting a content challenge.

I made my requirements extremely low for this one. Lol

I decided to make it a practice run for myself as I have held a challenge in years. I used to hold either five or seven-day challenges.

My friend Amy holds a 30-day content challenge once a year. I’m not sure if I’m up for that yet. I may do this very thing next year though.

So, I’ve decided to hold a 14-Day Content Challenge.

We’ll have daily reminders sent to your email with homework and some resources. I plan on adding some fun things as a bonus to give you.

Once you sign up for this free challenge, you’ll receive an email with all the information to get started with.

You can Sign Up for the 14-Day Content Challenge HERE!

The Good Parts Challenge

A few days ago, my friend Paul Hutchings mentioned what he was going to start doing on a Facebook Live video. I immediately felt challenged to it.

So, I proclaimed right there during his LIVE in a comment OKAY. As a kid I never backed down from a challenge. I felt that spark again deep down in my entire being.

I NEEDED to do this!

I began it right after our daily mastermind call ended.

Today was actually day three for me, but they aren’t easy.

The first day I just shared about how I still get timid doing videos and wanting to put myself out there.

On day 2 I just talked about how I figured out how to edit a Live video description.

I used to be able to edit the description on my videos from my computer. I can’t do that now. Although, I found that you can edit the Live videos using your phone.

This may be due to creating the video while using the phone instead of the computer.

Day 3 I got real and personal. I shared some bits of how I grew up and lost my voice and found my voice again. I was so nervous through the whole thing and still feel pretty self-conscious of it.

I feel this is important right now. Especially in the world we live in.

I was going to do a separate video for each platform like one on Facebook, one on TikTok and one on YouTube, but this held a challenge for me.

TikTok may be going down soon, and I’d rather be prepared for it than not.

YouTube doesn’t allow me to do Lives yet as I don’t have enough subscribers or videos on there.

So, I’ve decided to just do the videos on Facebook and share them out.

The idea is to create a LIVE from Monday to Friday.

Since I’ve already broken the ‘everyday’ thing when I missed Mondays live video because I was recouping from a massive migraine I’ve decided to take the pressure off and do them when I can.

I’ve had to deal with a lot of health issues in the last 10 years and I really hate to not be reliable. I stopped doing a lot of things with friends because I felt so bad about having to cancel plans or not being able to show up to group things.

So, if I don’t give myself a bit of a break with it I’ll stop doing them completely and I don’t want to do that either.

Which, in itself, is one of the Good Parts.

Watch Good Parts Episode 1 – I Was Challenged To Do This – Here

Watch Good Parts Episode 2 – How to Edit a FB Live Video Description – Here

Watch Good Parts Episode 3 – How I Found My Voice – Here

I’ll be letting my email subscribers know when I’ve done one and all of the new things happening here now.

My bad for not doing that for a really really long time. Ooops! I’m changing my ways though.

No one can grow a meaningful, helpful or successful business if one is not putting themselves out there and doing the things that make us uncomfortable.

If you’d like to stay up to date on what’s going on it won’t cost you a dime.

I’m also hosting a 14 Day Content Creation Challenge that begins on May 1st! This is a free challenge and you’re invited to join us!

All I ask is for your ‘real’ email and I’ll get it sent out to you.

Alrighty, well that’s enough for now.

We’ll talk soon and later gator.

~ Bobbi

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