My Top 3 Social Media Networks I Use All The Time!

Social Media

WHAT Social Media Do YOU Use? 

It’s really hard to decide and each one has a different way to approach. Here I list My Top 3 Social Media Networks I Use All The Time.

There are many MANY social media networks to choose from. So many in fact that it is quite easy for a newbie (new to the online business & the social media world) to get lost in it all. 

The really is a purpose for it all. Unless, of course, you just want to merely socialize. Then who cares which one you use. Go for it and have fun!

If you are wanting to start your own business or grow the business you already have – then you should analyze this a bit about which one YOU should use.

Points To Consider

  • Do you have followers?
  • Which has your highest amount of followers?
  • Which do you have the most engagement or interaction with your followers? 

You should pick no more than three social media networks to start with. Build on those and work on gaining interaction before expanding out.

Make sure you are very consistent with your posts. This is really important. If you post several times a day for two days and then stop for a couple of weeks and then start-up again – do not expect people to be around to see what you’re posting. 

I did this for a long time. I was so busy so I really didn’t put much time or effort in keeping up with everything. If that’s what you want to do or need some time – just remember the engagement will, not may, but will slow down or completely die out.

A few years beforehand I had pretty good interaction. Then I took time off. I needed time away from the internet – except for work. Well, it hurt me pretty badly. Don’t make my mistake.

If you do need to take time away create content ahead of time and schedule posts. 

That will help you so much to keep up the pace and consistency. 

My Top 3 Social Media Networks:

My Facebook:  You will want to post your biz stuff on a Facebook page not your wall or profile. Although, I have seen some use their wall for all things and they don’t have a page. Just know it is against Facebook’s policy to use your wall for business or when you are selling things. 

I occasionally post business type posts on my wall, but it is far in between. Again, though – I’m still working on building up the engagement and interaction on both.

My Instagram: Instagram is the funnest one for me. I really like to create images with inspirational and uplifting messages. You can get a good message across here. Be consistent.


My Twitter: For me twitter is hard to keep up with, but I’m trying to get better. I do share all of my articles here. I can also share my Instagram posts directly to Twitter, but I don’t think that really gets much of a response. It may be better to share them directly through Twitter as that will show the audience your image. 


My Pinterest: Here’s a Bonus that works quite well for people. I mainly use it for recipes, DIY projects, and such. Although, I do share every post there with an image. Again – I’m working on that consistency to build up the interaction again for all my Social Media.

I list these three because in general they are all high-ranking, get lots and lots of visits daily, and they are all different from each others platform type. This will give you great variety and a larger potential audience range.


  • Be sure to be CONSISTENT! This is the key to your Social Media interaction and engagement. No matter which you choose to use for your own…Consistency IS Key! 
  • Also – interact with your audience. When someone comments reply to their comment. At least a, “Hey, thanks for your comment” if you can’t think of anything else to say. Sometimes that happens depending on what they initially say.
  • DELETE the meanie pants! Yes – it is okay. It is your area. It’s alright to set boundaries. Stay emotionally happy and content. 


Hope this has helped you!

If it has, please Share this & Comment below.  🙂 

I read each and every comment personally and would LOVE to hear from you. 

Have a Beautiful Day…
~ Bobbi

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