There Is A Science of Getting Rich – Chapter 2 – Video Series

The Science of Getting Rich - The Right To Be Rich

There is a Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich was written back in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles. Today we’re going to discuss chapter two on There is a Science of Getting Rich.

What I do is help people realize their full potential and to live in abundance, not just survive. There is an art and duplication factor in creating a thriving business and life.


I love that there is a science to wealth… There’s a logic to it all.

Again, as mentioned before we can translate wealth or rich to relationships, health, joy… Apply it where you need it.

The first part of this chapter tells us that there is an exact science of getting rich like with mathematics.

There are certain laws that govern the acquiring wealth.

When these specific laws are learned AND obeyed or practiced the person doing this will acquire wealth with a mathematic certainty.

To me God has the main role here. From both a Christian stand-point and just a plain logical stand-point – this makes a lot of sense.

Think about it.

It really doesn’t matter what environment or family you come from. It doesn’t matter the neighborhood you live in.

When two people, man or woman, are in the same location and at the same job or business. One will gain more in that business than the other.

It’s all a matter of doing things in a Certain Way… The science of it all…

It has nothing to do with talent or ability.

One with no talent will make great wealth.

The another with an abundance of talent will go nowhere in life.

Both are from the same location and in the same business or niche.

The one with little or no talent in his trade has done things in a certain way.

This has a great deal to do with a mindset, belief and faith.

God has created the universe to function in a certain way and His creation has been created in His image.

We have been given dominion over things.

If we take that to heart. Not in a mean way. Not at all. But in a kind and gracious way.

I quote, “It is a natural law that Like Causes always produce Like Effects.”

This is so true. There is always a reaction to an action.

You may have noticed in life that some penny-pincher’s are still poor or barely getting by.

While free spenders may continually have plenty to spend.

So that means it doesn’t matter how thrifty you are or how much you save. If you are living in a certain way you will still not have enough.

Also by the same regards another may spend and spend and if they are living in a certain way they will always have more than enough.

Interesting concept – isn’t it?

Here’s another quote from this chapter, “Some degree of ability to think and understand is, of course, essential; but in so far ability is concerned, any man or woman who has sense enough to read and understand these words can certainly get rich.”

He also states, “If anybody else in your town can get rich, so can you; and if anybody else in your state can get rich, so can you.”

It doesn’t matter how poor or the location you’re in.

If you start doing things in a certain, scientifically and mathematical way you will become rich.

The kids & I lived in a one-bedroom cement house with no front windows of about 600 sq feet or so. And it was a dangerous area.

I had no money.

When my mindset change about a week after that I applied for a job I had no qualifications for except that I believed I could do it and spoke that over myself.

 I and 7 others were hired out of hundreds that applied.

I still have that job almost 8 years later with WishList Products. I am so blessed to be able to work from home.

There was definitely a learning curve, but I decided I could and would do it.

Not all 8 still work with us. We’ve had 3 out of the 8 leave. One on the first day.

Why am I still there over her?

Because I had made a solid decision to get out of the mire and grime I and my children were living in.

It’s all a mindset.

If you decide to make a better way for you and your family you can do it.

No one is prevented by a lack of money. There are ways to acquire what is needed.

You can collect cans. Sell items in your home.

Find a free group that has a passion to offer the most value possible…Like the one I have for you.

Then take FULL advantage of all you could be learning.

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