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Wiped Out 12 Years of Content To Start Over!

I decided to completely wipe out 12 years of my content, layout, and style of my website to start over fresh!

That wasn’t a very easy decision.

It was an important one though.

There were so many issues with it. The hosting was wonderful when I started and then the hosting support became horrible and slow. It took lengthy and drawn-out sessions to just get my site back up after unknown reasons it would go down.

So, the issues with Bluehost hosting began the decision of changing everything.

I started looking at my content and it was all over the place and nothing was truly focused. The content was about this and that.

I’m not saying variety is bad when you’re writing posts for your blog, but it is when you don’t have a specific focus.

You need to know where you want to take your website, your blog, and your business.

There Was No Focus for Many Years

The WordPress theme I was using constantly caused me issues also. I never liked it and found it difficult to work with. It always looked cheesy to me, and it just didn’t fit my personality or what our team wanted to portray.

So, that all led to our team’s cumulative decision in just wiping it all out and starting over.

I did, although, go through the entire site to save the posts and pages that I felt were worth saving. I may want to use them as is or repurpose down the road.

My Job Influenced My Decision

I started working for WishList Products (now WishList Member) back in 2010. I worked in the support department for all that time. It’s been 12 years of just working in support.

After the acquisition, which was in May of this year (2022), I was allowed to also work in the Marketing department part-time. I also received my very first raise at the company!

We also hadn’t received any vacation time until working there for four years. 😊

I’ve been asked before, “Why do you stay with a company that doesn’t promote you or give you raises or offer health benefits?”

That’s a valid question, for sure.

The reason I stayed is because of the people!

I love the people I work for and with. I’ve never worked with such respectful and kind people. We all are like family. That makes a huge difference. I couldn’t imagine not working there. Even if I was at the point of not needing to work financially. I’d still want to work here.

I also believe in the product we offer. I’ve been there almost from the start.

WishList Member all began October 10, 2008. I started on February 8, 2010. I had no experience, but they gave me a chance. I was able to stay home with my children and I valued that far above any vacations, promotions or raises.

Even though those things are and should be very important.

I’ve learned a lot over the years from working here. I’ve gone through a lot over the years while working here.

The owner, Tracy Childers, has been as loyal to me when times were hard for the company as I’ve been to them.

I’m so thankful that I stuck it out.

The acquisition has made things even better. We were a positive place before, but now we’re all even more so.

I’ve learned valuable lessons regarding longevity, positivity, communication, and endurance.

Now I’m learning valuable lessons in the Marketing department and what to focus on.

Sometimes, it’s very beneficial to just start over and revamp. Other times, it’s better to just realign. The key is to know what should take place and when.

Focus On the Present

Now that I have the website totally taken down and am rebuilding, I’ve realigned my focus quite a lot.

I have a different marketing plan.

I have specific products I’ll be focused on and marketing.

I have specific eBooks and trainings (courses) I’ll be focused on.

The present is better than the past. The future will be even brighter.

You’ll be able to take advantage of special pricing since I’ve decided to start over… The pricing will also. It will be like it’s all new!

So, you can consider that if you purchase anything I’m offering until next year that you’ll be getting in at the Founder Level with the special pricing grandfathered in… No matter what any of it may raise to in the future.

Focus In the Future

Let me just say… The future looks very bright.

Yes, we have a lot of garbage happening in our world. It’s sad, but the quicker we learn to adapt (to what we should AND know to what we shouldn’t) the quicker we’ll be able to become self-sufficient and be able to sustain a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Topics of Interest

The first training that you’ll be able to get access to is the ‘How to Start an Online Business 101’. It will be a part of the ‘Business Mastery Membership’.

You’ll be able to purchase the training individually or you can subscribe to the Mastery and have access to that training and ALL the future trainings that will be added.

As of now, the subscription cost for the Mastery is set at $17.

Where You Can Find Me

I’ll be sending out updates about everything new here on the site, our trainings and freebies to the main email or newsletter list.

Subscribe Today and you’ll be updated on everything.

You can also find me at the following…

Facebook ~ Instagram ~ TikTok ~ LinkedIn ~ Pinterest

Have a happy and productive day!

And Remember… It’s Time to Get Your Hopes Up!

~ Bobbi Raffin

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