— There Are Many Ways We Can Work Together

Work with Bobbi

Courses, Trainings & Memberships

Online Courses

You have Trainings, Courses and the Business Mastery Membership that will not only help you start a results driven business, but ones that teach you marketing, product creation, self-sustainability in hard times, and standing in your faith.

Coaching Sessions

Group Coaching

Our group coaching sessions will be within our private Facebook groups for the specific training or course that offers this. Bobbi will personally do LIVE video sessions per week to help you in your online journey.

Product Marketing

Affiliate & Network Marketing

We’ll go over the difference of affiliate marketing and network marketing. There are big differences and one is much easier to start.

Plans from $19 – $25 monthly with an 80% commission. AND $25 to 2K High Ticket with 100% Commissions!!

Start Here with the EZ25Cash Program

Passive Earnings with Digital Currency

Passive Daily Rewards

We need to be extremely careful with all the Crypto platforms out there. It’s so easy to lose money. I’ve found a wonderful & reputable platform with an amazing team. Come in through INVITE ONLY. True passive daily rewards.

Sign Up for FREE at: Daily Rewards

Faith Based

Christianity In Troubling Times

It’s not always easy to stand in faith and be strong. Especially in the crazy times we stand in. Bobbi will take you through the difficulties in her life that God brought her through. This is NOT all rainbows and cupcakes. We’ll get real in our group coaching sessions.


Backyard Farming & Old Time Remedies

I was raised on the side of Moon Mountain with my Grandparents. I was taught some very old-time country remedies that actually work. Plus, we all need to be more aware of how to be self-sustainable if times go from bad to worse. Don’t Fear…Be Prepared.

The Hopepreneur’s Hub

Join Our Free Community

Our ‘Hopepreneur’s Hub’ Facebook group houses all of our freebies and we offer a variety of content for you. You’ll find micro (mini) trainings, recipes, remedies, product info and more. Please feel WELCOMED here.

Join Us Today 🙂

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